Time is Money – Feedly it! – Another great way to be Organized like a BOSS

Another great way to be Organized like a BOSS 🙂

WeFeedly all have our favorites websites that we crave and must check each and everyday.  Some of us remembers them off the top of our heads; while others keep extensive bookmarks organized that they check each and everyday.   I was a mix of the two until I found a better way to get the latest news and blog updates all in one place.

Long behold, Feedly the super time saving solution I’ve been needing – a top RSS reader.  Feedly lets you add the links of all of your favorite blogs, news resources and websites in one, and sort them into categories.   It’s like editing your very own newspaper showing only content you are interested in.  

No longer do you need to waste time checking every blog one by one – now you just open up Feedly on your Android or iPhone device and all the latest updates are right there, sorted by date or category.    


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The Importance of Being Organized

When I was new to I.M. I used to make new documents for every project, save them randomly (quickly) on my hard drives in places I forgot afterwards. Then over the years I’ve started to grasp how very important it is to be organized. There’s a saying that organization is key, well let me tell ya that is absolutely correct.

Now instead of making tons of new text files/docs with notes, etc I just make one spreadsheet on google docs, and name it Projects 2013, there I keep track of everything. Make new tabs if needed, but I noticed the easiest way to keep track is just to have everything on one sheet.

This was just a quick post, I hate blabbering on like those people who rewrite other peoples ebooks and try to act like true smartasses and go on and on and on rather than telling it, short and sweet.