How To Find Profitable Ecom Products & Their Facebook Ads That Are Making Money on Shopify

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If you are into Shopify and Drop Shipping then you will love this guide. I am going to show you step by step how to uncover the winning products and all the ads used to promote it on Facebook.

I don’t recommend you Rip n Run the ads; as Facebook Algo knows very well who is the owner of the ad and won’t give you high quality traffic if you rip someone elses ads, thus you are doomed to fail.

Instead, use the ads for winning products to come up with your own variations and create similar ads.

To get started, you will need an account on the #1 facebook ad spy tool named MagicAdz.

You can get an account by visiting their website at

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NOTE: In order to get accepted to magic adz, you need to apply the same way you would at any CPA Network. They only accept real internet marketers to keep out fraud. So don’t be shocked if they ask for some information like your skypeID to have a chat wit
h you!

Got your account and logged in? Great

The next step is to look for the left menu bar. We want to select to search for landing pages. We want to identify shopify only ads.

To do this, what you want to do is click the down arrow, and set the search paramter to look inside Landing Pages.

We have to use footprints associated with shopify.

Here are a few, you can enter these one by one to get different results:
powered by shopify

Here are the results (NOTE: Not all of them are products, some people are actually running ads to blog posts made inside their shopify stores,some are clickbait) – They are sorted by most shared:

Here are 3 ads I picked that are shopify stores.

The first one is hair care product. It is targeting women who love to look beautiful and especially enjoy having awesome hair. They use this model under different names from what I discovered to test what name and influencer profiles work best for them. It’s an awesome, awesome store as they are white labeling stuff in China with their own brand and making at least 300% ROAS. See how the total number of likes is LESS than the actual number on the ad today? That means since MagicAdz saw it, the ad received much more engagement! That’s a great thing it means people are talking about this, and most likely buying it since the ad is still going strong.

Here is another add, this time of a dent remover tool people are selling online. This probably makes them a lot of money else they would not still be running the ad. When the ad was first seen it had just 6000 comments, and today it has 42k!! 4400 comments and has been shared over 17,000 times!

Home Care and Kitchen stuff has done real well on Facebook forever. Here’s an ad that had 5k likes, 2000 comments, and 10,000 shares when MagicAdz saw it! You can see that the angles they used, and their video ads, and also the lander they used and shopify page wording!

TIP: If you are into shopify you def heard the finding shopify stores using the IP address trick. If not I pasted it below… anyway that method reveals a lot of mega brands in the top 1000. They aren’t likely the ones affiliate like yourself are running, or new people starting out with shopify.

It’s way, way easier and faster to spy using the method I shared above than to open each site one by one on the list from the ip trick; then make a list of the fan pages from the ad review screen inside magic ads.

Here’s how easy it is, let’s take the Lange products. I went to their fan page, on the left selected Info & Ads, then selected the country I want to see all their ads in. I quickly learned that they have like 6 live ads right now!

This awesome trick lets you view every ad a page publishes and also what countries the ads are running in!

How many times have you asked a friend that does well on drop shipping with Shopify to show you one of their products so you ‘get it’ ? Only to receive their reply “SORRY MAN, I DON’T SHARE MY PRODUCTS” (this isn’t a ‘friend’ in my books) but not to worry.

With the power of MagicAdz spy tool you can uncover profitable ads (maybe even find theirs) and use it as inspiration to create your own ads, and also your own product offerings.

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1) Go to
2) Paste this IP address: and click “Whois Lookup”.
3) Click “Other Sites on IP”
4) Now you have thousands of Shopify stores to research
5) If you want to check the most popular stores, click “View All Records”, “World Site Popular Rating”
6) If you want to see the most popular products for each store, just type

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Life After Drop Shipping – The Best Alternative to the Shopify Craze

I got into shopify in 2015, back when nutra trials were doing super well, there were no MIDs issues, you could run awesome 1 click flow mobile pin submits and bank hard, cpi offers were still the talk of the town. Back when it wasn’t the hot topic of every make money expert on Youtube.

Back then, the stuff being thought today by the fake Youtube Shopify gurus actually worked!

*For some reason they always teach the stuff that used to work, and not what actually works right now.

I got ‘shopify’ drop shipping to work using the FREE just pay shipping model. I got it to work for niched items like harry potter necklace and wizard wand and other shit. BUT I HATED IT from the start. I actually summarized why here in detail. I hated it because customers were bitching and complaining that it took WEEKS even with ePaket for their shit to arrive.

I hated bad feedback, I hated unhappy customers because I knew from running real businesses like Banners&Landers that returning customers == money.

So I quickly shut down my store and went back to running BH campaigns, and dabling in lead generation. But I can’t ignore ecommerce how its growing worldwide – but I still hate and don’t want to do shopify and drop shipping. I really hate pissed of customers and shitty products that’s why.

There is a solution, and it was there all along I was just too involved and focused elsewhere to notice.

But then I met two guys who are doing what I love – owning and promoting your own brands. Brand power is real. My oldest brand is 11 years old and it’s STILL making me money. It survived the crazy Panda, Penguin pandemic, it survived Google’s new Trick to Click policy update, it survived Facebook’s endless paranoia where you can’t call out anyone because then they will know all the evil things Facebook truly is doing behind the scenes like knowing who’s someone’s secret affair or what kind of shit they truly into.

What is this solution I speak off? It’s called Amazon FBA, or Fulfilled by Amazon. Trick to making it work from what I learned so far? HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT, and FAST PRIME SHIPPING.

I KNOW, if you give customers high quality product they love and deliver the goods fast, they will be happy, recommend to their friends/relatives and come back and buy over and over.

This seems like a good avenue to take and invest all the fast profits from affiliate marketing to build a steady brand, a real business to add multiple streams of income.

But fuck, I knew nothing – so what could I do? I went to youtube, and watched the gurus of course. Sifting through the bullshit after bullshit, the lambo and fake screenshot gurus to find a few hopefuls. I’ve ran into a guy named Yaniv, he seemed pretty truthful saying things like his course is the TLDR version of many courses with his own stuff added in.

Awesome I thought, here a guy summarized the knowledge from many courses into one.

So I decided to buy it for $497. And At the time of this writing, I have finished 2 parts. The intro and overview about FBA to grasp wtf it really is; and the most important part. How to find products to sell.

Now I stopped going through the course, because at this stage the rest is super irrelevant. TAKING ACTION is what creates success, not consuming course after course. So, now I am searching for products, then will order samples to check the quality. Once I have that done, I will continue to the 3rd part in the course.

If you are interested in also learning about Amazon FBA, and joining me in the ‘newbie zone’. You can buy the course right here. It’s actually good, proof you don’t have to pay thousand and thousands for a course.

[ECOM 101] How to Add Products to Your Shopify Store Using Oberlo

If you are not using OBERLO to add products to your drop shipping store, then you should.     Doing it by hand is so yesteryear.  Anyways, here’s a quick guide that I wrote for my staff so they know exactly how, why, and what we do in order to add products to our store.       I have written notes on the screenshots in red, you might need to click to view the full image sizes to see what they say (if interested).

Pull up the products you imported/added to your Oberlo

The main product page will have Product, Description, Variants, and Images.  These tabs let you set everything that needs to be set when importing your product.



One important thing to note is the link to AliExpress product preview.  Or this red button down below.  You want to press this and open a preview of the product on ali in a new tab/window.  Hopefully you are working with a dual monitor setup, in which case you can throw that to the left or right monitor and have Oberlo product edit screen open.     You will then be able to come up and write the product titles/descriptions really fast and efficient while looking at the product on the other screen.  If not, then you better become fast at switching between windows/tabs 🙂


When adding products, it’s very important to also select the right collections,


You will also want to select or add in the product type, and some tags that most relate to your product like this:


Next up, comes the description of the product.   Many aliexpress products come in Centimeters;   sadly Americans use Inches and Feet, the imperial system so you will have to whip out a converter and convert the cm’s into inches so they can understand the sizes.  Same goes for weight.      Write an interesting and catchy description for this product, and include the product specs after it – or if you are a bad ass,  tie in the product specs into the text, and bold them so they are eye catchingly easy to find.    If you suck at writing descriptions,  hit up, and ask about their description writing services for ecom.


Next up, variants.  This is imported by default in Oberlo, and it usually is spot on, however sometimes they add weird numbers or words into the Variant description boxes like you see below, so it’s important to make it look nicer by fixing it up a bit.


A ton of images are grabbed by oberlo, and some are auto selected.  It’s important to review this tab and make some adjustments either by adding kick ass pictures from the selection or ommiting pictures that contain watermarks, logos or foreign text.


When all is said and done,  all you have to do is press the Push to Shop button to get the product live in your store, and that’s it.  Not rocket science is it? 😀