Going Direct via Newsletter Advertising – Part #2

Just like with display advertising, it is important to measure the success of your creatives.   Whether you are running a banner ad, or a text based offer in a newsletter;  you will need to keep detailed stats, run split tests, and do whatever you can to improve/increase CTR.

Check out the AWeber Archives for some great and captivating headlines other advertisers have ran in the past in your vertical market.    Again hop on to google.com and type in:  site:archive.aweber.com “Your Keyword” to bring up niche related headlines/messages.

You won’t know how things play out alongside your target market until you don’t test.   Every target market responds to ad copy differently; there’s no golden rule that if you write CLICK HERE TO,  everyone will click there to…

How do you decide if an ad is working in your favor?   You can look at the CTR (Click Through Ratio) if its 0.2% then you are averaging OK.   (Thats 20 unique clicks out of 1000 impressions/banner shows).   Or look at the Cost Per Acquisition CPA which is calculated by looking at total spent on the media buy, and the total revenue generated by your offer.





Goodbye Godaddy

For many years I’ve heard about people complaining about Godaddy, and why they suck. Well, I used to like them; but lately they increased prices of new domains/renewals/privacy guard, etc so much I can seriously buy 5-6 more domains at Namecheap for the same price.

So, starting with 10 new domain registrations, I am going to begin moving our vast library of domains over to them; hope they can give some kind of a deal!