How to Add Dynamic Inputs to Your Landers and Increase Your ROI

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The following is a super easy trick you can do to ‘customize’ your landers.  It can be done to dynamically change the headline on your lander to include a word that will make the lander more ‘related’ to the audience.  For example, you could use this code to localize landers for the persons’ city or county name – or their favorite TV Show, or their favorite grocery store.  Whatever it may be,   localizing and making a lander related to your audience will increase your ROI and that’s a fact.

We run a lot of lead gen, and while we can use scripts that automatically print the state, city, county or whatever of the visitor, sometimes we target visitors who are out of state, who are out of country but usually live in country.  We do this for different reasons; and the following code comes in handy

1) Paste the following code into your landing page source where you want to input your own custom text:

[php]<?php echo htmlentities($_GET[‘state’]);>[/php]

2) Save & Upload the lander to your web host making sure its extension is .php

3) Head over to your browser, type in now when you visit the lander, it will fill in iAmAttila wherever you placed the code in step #1.

Hope this tiny but super useful code hack will help you make more money!

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