Female affiliates? They do exist! Meet FBQueen

Female affiliates? They do exist! Meet FBQueen

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If you are an affiliate marketer; then you already know; if you are thinking about becoming one then SOON you will find out that the industry is 96.72% male dominated.     By industry I mean affiliate marketers; real affiliate marketers and not reps at CPA Networks; or employees of CAKE or HasOffers.   (It’s a known fact that many CPA Networks employ real hotties to get the affiliate boys to run traffic with them).

FBQueen,  iAmAttila and a bunch of affiliates at STM London
FBQueen, iAmAttila and a bunch of affiliates at STM London Round Table

In the big pond of affiliate sausage; there are some fish.       Meet FBQueen; an incredible person that you don’t meet everyday!   She just turned 25 not long ago and is originally from Budapest, Hungary.      But check this out … this girl thought herself English first; then read and read some more to acquire skills like HTML, CSS, Photoshop,  Mobile Optimization,  A/B Testing, FB Accounts Management;   Banking Compliance;  Handling Day to Day Ops in Business; Accounting and more.     She’s gone the whole 9 yards and then some; something very rare in a world where most women simply take the easy way out and find a rich boyfriend.      Yup, she’s FBQueen – why the name? Because she’s the master of running campaigns on Facebook!

I personally don’t know why there aren’t more women affiliate marketers – but when one as good as FBQueen arrives; it sends shock waves down forums like StackThatMoney and has the affiliate ‘boys’ talking.      Recently,  my good friend Krisztina (aka FBQueen) started a new blog;   her domain is www.fbqueen.me and when you arrive you are presented with an amazing view of an ocean with her sipping champagne.     Well deserved;  this girl worked for it and now is living the 4 hour work week and traveling the world making memories.   She calls herself a GOALdigger;  note not GOLD digger as in the precious metal.

Her new blog promises to be a good reading for anyone looking to get into affiliate marketing;   she’s also a great role model for other women looking to get into affiliate marketing proving anything is possible if you prove your mind to it.       Be sure to check out her blog at fbqueen.me/blog.




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