, How a change of perspective increased my profits 500%

How a change of perspective increased my profits 500%

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Hey reader, sorry I haven’t been updating this blog as of late. It’s not because I gave up, it’s because I was so damn jet lagged I couldn’t function properly and aside doing like 1-2 hour work a day my mind just couldn’t focus. ASW was killer, I’ll be posting up my take on it eventually, but it’s not really my focus since other guys already covered it and yea.. they did a good job [covering it]!

I want to tell you one thing though, one of my biggest takeaways personally from ASW was that people love the stuff I write here, and they love that my site is down to earth, no bullshit fake screenshot or pretty dreamy posts… I REALLY appreciate that, when I started this blog, I started it as my personal notepad. I didn’t have an exit strategy in mind to bank big on my email list one day, and stuff like that. I started writing to dump my mind, and people started noticing.

That’s why guys at ASW really surprised me, when so many came up and said WOW I love your blog man, it’s LEGIT! Thanks again it makes me (and made) me feel even more empowered to continue giving you shit u can use RIGHT NOW and help you even more in your journey to quitting your job, or becoming a better affiliate.

So today, I got a PM on STM from one of the guys I met at the show, and he told me this ” I really like your approach. Your consider AM with a different angle. Would love to learn more from you and take my business to the next level.” It reminded me of how awesome I felt 2 weeks ago at ASW when I heard this from so many people.

That is why I decided to write this quick post, and tell you one of my secrets that helped shape and change my perspective in a way that already increased my profits 500% and climbing.

So here it goes… what NO ONE is going to tell you is that affiliate marketing is always on the fence kind of thing; until you think like a good honest guy and think that you will bank the same way all the people that like to throw around on big numbers and ROI on the forums do – you will never get the crazy ROIs and big profits you seek.

Why? Because there are 1000s of other nice, honest, “I’m not going to park my car in the handicap parking spot even when there’s like 10 spots like it free, because I’ll get a ticket” guys and girls just like YOU running the exact same thing, the exact same way. And guess what, when 1000s of people run the exact same thing the exact same way, then people [the target audience you want clicking your ads] is going immune to that shit… Ya BANNER BLINDNESS since they see it ALL THE TIME!!!

That is why the best affiliate marketers get creative, they do what other people don’t do and they bend the rules a bit, albeit still staying compliant somewhere (that may be with the CPA Network/advertiser, or the traffic source – ONE or the OTHER..)

You might be thinking, but I’m not a crooked kinda man or woman, I am honest, I have ethics – but I’d like to be able to do some grey hat stuff, so what can I do?

NO PROBLEM, see I am the same way (lucky for me I have a wife who sees shit the right way) – I am honest, I believe in ethics, I believe in hard work, all great values that will send me to heaven right. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t think like the guy down the street ready to hussle you for your last penny.

I realized I have a problem (see above) how do I fix it?? Well lucky for me I have a great friend by the name CMDEAL from STM (you guys might have heard of him)… he recommended a kick ass book called Problem Solving 101 – a book where I learned how to solve problems. So since I was aware of my problems, I knew this is gonna be a fun problem to solve and I went on a hunt.

I wrote down what my problem is, and potential solutions for this problem, throwing out and dumping my mind (sort of what I do on this blog LOL)

After making a list, I organized eveything into a chart, sorting stuff together and I realized my problem was that I was too kean on thinking one way, and my mind wasn’t opening up to the other ways which drive sales, get those crazy high ROIs and profits guys LOVE to suck you in to buy their training program, or secret sauce course or whatever.

To make a long story short, because I gotta get back to work here (this was just a blitz post thanks to that PM from STM.. ) I am going to tell you the 4 books I read which completely changed my perspective. Something I can directly thank for a giant increase in Roi. And they are..

1. All marketers are liars by Seth Godin

This book is the golden info for guys like you and me who believe in ethics and honesty. It teaches how to sell whatever offer you push to your demographic, by “FRAMING” a story which these people already believe and agree with. Interesting? HELL YA. so read that book right away

2. Cashvertising

This is the BIBLE of advertising, I say read this after the book above because then you will be able to get more out of it. There’s a reason why so many affiliate margeting legends read this book many times.

3. The Adweek Copywriting Handbook by Joseph Sugarman *thx for this too cmdeal!!*

Like above this is a must read guys because it has things in it that work, and work so well, you won’t believe the result. (think RON buy, and 80% of your placements converting, yea the UNICORN baby!! just like what testosterone wrote about!)

4. The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It

This book is very helpful if you are a big practioner of systems, and having a team (or outsourcing your work so you don’t waste time on stupid crap)… READ IT… APPLY IT..

PS: Books got aff links, clicking them will give me some amazon commissions, like $0.50 😀  Thanks in advance 😛

PPS: Soon I am going to be sharing a tool that has helped me save a couple k for real.. and u will hear my story as well how I did it! AND NO ITS NOT MY TOOL 😀 I Just use it to solve a problem I had before.

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10 thoughts on “How a change of perspective increased my profits 500%”

  1. Cashvertising is legendary. Seth Godin’s book is on my list. Right now I’m reading The ONE thing, which I recommend you to read as well if you not read it yet. It’s rather more about productivity and focus, but it’s pretty good for our affiliate minds as well.

    Good luck, keep writing and see you in London!

  2. Hey Man,

    Looking forward to have a drink with you in London.

    Im guessing by “bending the rules slightly” you mean things like cloaking etc?

  3. Another book recommendation would be “Work the System” by Sam Carpenter 😉

    “that may be with the CPA Network/advertiser, or the traffic source – ONE or the OTHER.. ”

    What’s the reason for the ONE or the OTHER part? Is it the risk reduction not to run grey with both ends of the funnel – why wouldn’t you run completely white (but still pushing the boundaries) with both advertiser and traffic source? And why not running grey with both?
    Also, do you have a preference or a decision metric with which side you would rather run grey?

    thx in advance! Appreciate your posts and your blog helped me tremendously – and it has been one of the biggest resources that helped me to hit stable XXX/day and even some X.XXX/day profits 🙂

    • Lets say tech support pay per call, ad networks hate that, they refuse to let you run it, but cpa networks love it – so you gotta get dirty aka black on ad network, while you are white on the cpa network side – thus you are grey 😀

      As far as the other Q’s go.. it depends on the offer.

      Glad my blog helped man, that’s awesome keep up the good work 😀

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