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I just saw NGO’s video on what he’s packing for traveling,  it made me remember something I almost forgot.  A true life saver if you will at conferences where batteries tend to drain like a mofo.    It also inspired me to make this quick post on what I’m packing for STM London.

I’ve been using a killer travel backpack for the past 2 years – I bought it at TESCO or at AUCHAN for like $30 bucks and it’s awesome!  WHY?  Because it has a compartment for a tablet, and a separate one for a laptop.  In addition it has tons of other pockets for all the chargers and cables you need and it’s ulra easy to take stuff out of when you have to go through customs.       It’s real proof that you don’t need to spend many hundreds of dollars on a bag just because.

This is what I pack,  to keep stuff light….

1. Laptop  – MacBookPro Retina 15″ + Charger  (no Windows Laptop comes close, trust me,  I made the switch)

For my windows readers,  the reason why a mac laptop is better because:

-It is light as hell
-The battery lasts 8-10 hours depending how you use it
-The body is made of aluminium so the way it disperses heat is 10x better than all PC laptops I owned (and i had the best of the best) no loud fans
-The touchpad on a mac is insane, once you get used to it you will hate the PC way.

WHY it’s a MUST HAVE:   It is simple, you gotta keep your eyes on them campaigns!


2. Travel Adapter – Since we are going to the UK and they got a really weird plug over there (and 220V not 110V)  one or a few of these is a must

WHY it’s a MUST HAVE:   Without it, unless you live in the UK you won’t be able to charge up your devices. 

3.   Separate Battery or Power Bank because your phone battery WILL DIE!!

You have two options to solve the phone battery dying problem  – Option #1 – Extra BatteryOption #2 A Power Bank or Power Case Attachment

I’ve use the Samsung Galaxy Note4 so for it, I purchased one of these (I went with extra battery instead, because its less weight than power bank, and less bulky than a power case attachment)

Other options

Power bank – recommended: RAVPOWER iSmart+

Power Case Attachment  – Search online 😉  It’s phone specific.


WHY it’s a MUST HAVE:    You will be running around all day meeting people, lots of text messages,  skype messages, viber, whatsapp, and phone calls will come in and drain your battery.   Better be safe and have a backup power source handy!


1 tablet cable

1 x micro USB cable

WHY it’s a MUST HAVE:   It goes without saying that without these cables you can’t recharge, or download/upload data to and from your devices.

5. Tablet – Samsung Galaxy Tab 10

WHY it’s a MUST HAVE:     It is easier to bring a tablet to show off your landers, and campaigns to other like minded affiliates when exchanging golden nuggets.  So that’s why it’s a must have!

6. Ebook Reader – Kindle PaperWhite (for the plane)

WHY it’s a MUST HAVE:     Reading helps you become better at what you do,  I say this is a must have because its by far the best, lighest ebook reader out there IMO.   Get it, you won’t regret it! 


As you can see I don’t complicate stuff,  keep it simple and light – just the bare essentials.     You can do it this way too.   I really recommend an extra battery, instead of a power bank because extra battery is lighter in your pocket 🙂

See you in london!

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  1. Nice list, but I gotta disagree with:
    (no Windows Laptop comes close, trust me, I made the switch)” = Lenovo x230, x240 and x250

    Cos I made the switch too, but the other direction…

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