DATING IS KILLING IT ON PUSH!  Are you getting a piece of the pie?   

We’ve been doing super well with PUSH traffic,  if you follow my blog you have read the awesome step by step guides on how to run PUSH I’ve published.  If you haven’t yet read them, you should just search for PUSH and see all the awesome how to tutorials on this awesome traffic source.

One of the verticals where PUSH does really well is DATING, and I have an awesome, awesome network for you with the best exclusive SOI & DOI dating offers out there.  

What’s SOI?

That’s single opt in, when all the user has to do is fill in their email, or phone number and you get paid. DOI is when a user has to double opt-in, by confirming that they do indeed want to be subscribed to the service.  I recommend SOI, it KILLS on PUSH.

For DATING offers,  TOPOFFERS is badass. They got so many offers in so many countries you really don’t need to go elsewhere.  Plus their reps are super friendly and can get you the best exclusive offers in no time, for us, we get many geos exclusively and cap out their daily requirements which is awesome == no competition!!!

This is how TOPOFFERS describes themselves:

TopOffers – premium CPA Network. Coverage of more than 50 countries based on PPL. Exclusive in-house dating affiliate program, direct offers in Dating, Games, Sweepstakes, Crypto, Forex and VAS verticals.

They have more than dating, but really kill it in the dating niche!!

I’m actually writing a guide on iAmAffiliate premium on how to run PUSH camps on Zeropark using SmartLinks.

Smartlinks are fucking dope, because all you do is run traffic, and they test different landers/offers in the back and channel your incoming visitors to the ones most likely to convert.  Some call this new type of A.I. system programmatic buying, I just call it efficient affiliate marketing where you can focus on 1 thing, and that is optimizing your creatives/targeting on the traffic source with a tracker like redtrack do the backend stuff, test different prelanders, and offers to maximize the ROI from all of the traffic you send!

150+ GEOs, 2000+ in-house & external offers. Dating, Games, Sweepstakes, Crypto, Forex and VAS verticals.

GOLDEN NUGGET:  Some additional traffic sources that work well for their offers are Facebook,  Native and Email.

What is great, is all you have to do is generate $100 bucks to get paid, they don’t hold your funds like many other CPA networks and require you to reach $500 minimum or worse; $1000 minimums.

Click here for a complete list of Offers in TopOffers

PS: Recently they bumped the payout for DEU SOI $4,5 for NaughtyDate,Gibsmir,BeNaughty, and GibmirSex

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