Working Coupons / Discount Codes for MagicAdz in 2020 *Up to Date*

Working Coupons / Discount Codes for MagicAdz in 2020 *Up to Date*

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MagicAdz the #1 research tool by POPOZ TECHNOLOGY LTD. announced new pricing. Instead of charging $299 per month, they now offer different packages making it more affordable for internet marketers to learn about their competitors, learn what ads are working for them and which landing pages are profitable.

If you are looking for discount coupons, these promo codes can be entered during check out to save you anywhere from $20-$50 off per month.

Here are the coupon codes:


As an overview, here are the new MagicAdz packages starting at $99/month!

MagicAdz Essential for $99/month – for those just starting out
✔️Very powerful search: by ads, user comments, redirects, or landing page search including specific HTML code!
✔️Big Ad Database: Over 10M ads and continuously gathering insights
✔️See campaigns running in over 55 countries, covering every major country
✔️Search ads by language in all these countries.
✔️Filter by the audience and ad type.
✔️Discover ad info and performance.

MagicAdz Pro for $199/month- for affiliates and e-com owners
✔️Everything above plus…
✔️One-click filter for e-commerce ads that lead to all popular platforms including Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce.
✔️Filter for affiliate ads only and their verticals – for example, casino, crypto, sweeps, nutra, solar, or any other.
✔️Preview and download pre-landers, including bot protected ones
✔️Download every landing page with page dependencies (images, css, javascript, …) in a .zip

MagicAdz Premium for $299/month – for teams that need an advanced functionality
✔️Everything from Essential and Pro plans plus…
✔️Personal account manager
✔️Top Affiliate Offers section where you can discover the real, most advertised, affiliate-only offers out there, including their ads and landers!
✔️Unlimited Download of pre-landers with 1-click.
✔️New features additional features added before other packages

Share this post and enter to win 1 on 1 consulting worth $2000!

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