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Finding the right product for your E-com store and making sure that you got the lowest price can be quite time consuming, and one of my motto’s in life is TIME = MONEY.

So, here’s a step by step guide on how to find the right products for your business at the lowest possible cost and then price them just right so that you can achieve maximum conversion rate.


#1: How to Find Products from the Source

Head over to AliExpress — a lot of products suppliers are adding are already selling well (hot products) or will be selling well in the future, because of their qualities/benefits. And since dropshipping has got so big in the past couple of years, it means that there are many different suppliers on AliExpress who are dedicated only to uploading and sourcing products for dropshippers. 

Start by making a big list of dropshipping suppliers on AliExpress and check everyday for products they add. Go through each supplier, each product, and each product criteria daily, and if the product passes, you want to test it out yourself.

So, here’s what you want to do:

  • Search for suppliers and check out stores that supply them.
  • Look for stores that have ‘dropship’ in their name or maybe a random number such as ‘Shop42761271018’.
  • Pay attention to VIP products (special products that suppliers create for dropshippers to scale their winning products with) — they almost ALWAYS support dropshipping.
  • Find verified dropshipping suppliers by checking out the Dropshipping Center.

A good example of a dropshipping product are e.g. scrubber gloves, which were “winners” for a lot of different stores. Underneath each product, you can see the name of the store, so go through each of them and find the ones that mention ‘dropshipping’, like the one below:

How to Find the E-com Winning Products for Maximum Conversion Rate

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