, An AWESOME New Way to Learn –  You don’t want to miss AWE Labs at Affiliate World Barcelona!!  Read Why It’s so AWESOME!

An AWESOME New Way to Learn – You don’t want to miss AWE Labs at Affiliate World Barcelona!! Read Why It’s so AWESOME!

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All right guys, if you read my blog you know my favorite conference of the year is Affiliate World Europe. It’s been like this since the inception, I really don’t like traveling a lot, and AWE was the party I was always looking for to meet up with other affiliates and learn new tips and tricks at.

The guys brought this awesome event to one of my favorite cities in Europe! BARCELONA!! It’s been getting better and better every single year, but this year, they’ve really listened and added something called AWE LABS.

Here’s why AWE Labs is something that will help you make more money.

A dynamic series of events that will see you learn from influential speakers at talks and panels, build your network, and make deep connections with the top companies in the niches that are most relevant to you. That means, a focused group of experts, so if you are into PUSH which is all the rage this year (and we run a shit ton of it for crypto) then you can join a PUSH lab. If you are into ecom, you can join an ECOM lab…

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced affiliate, an established brand, an agency, an advertiser, or a network, pick a topic and let the Lab guide you. This is key, because there’s focus, and you can ask questions so things are clear and you truly understand what you need to do to make more money with your campaigns and offers.

Here’s a breakdown of what each lab looks like at AWE this year:

  • 2-3 hours of back-to-back speeches and panels by some of the highest performers and thought leaders in the industry with Q&A sessions.
  • Dedicated hour-long Mixers for your niche’s marketers and companies to network and ask questions.
  • Meet the speakers who practice what they preach, and ask them in private what you might not want everyone to know about the stuff you run.

Since we do PUSH with my team this year, here’s some interesting Labs I will be attending to learn from the experts:

  1. Zero to 7-Figures with Push Traffic: My Biggest Profit Producing Insights Andrew Payne – I know Mr Payne, the guy built his own push network DB before most people heard about it; so he’s a def guy u wanna learn from he has crazy ideas that translate into first movers advantages!
  2. [PANEL] What’s Working with Push Ads: Offers, Placements, and Optimisations Anton Kornev, KJ Rocker, Erik Gyepes, and Ian Fernando

    Solid guys that also run push in the crypto, sweeps, and dating verticals got some great insights coming here.
  3. Push Ads in 2020: Internal Secrets, Predictions and the Ultimate Campaign Setup – Renz Gonzales

    With PUSH, campaign setup strategy is key to success just because of the quick burn out rate. We have our own, but I always love listening to others’ success and getting new ideas. I am always learning, what about you?

Then afterwards, it’s the Push Ads Networking Mixer. Click Here to Learn More About What Kind of Labs Are Happening at AWE!

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Countdown Until Affiliate World Europe 2019!


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