, Facebook Ads Primer Part 1/3… or 4 [Creating Campaigns]

Facebook Ads Primer Part 1/3… or 4 [Creating Campaigns]

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It is a fact that Facebook is not considered a new platform. You are probably savvy enough to know that many affiliates have waded through the seemingly treacherous waters of this well-known social media website.

I have been busy with Facebook for some time, and I have received many messages related to Facebook from you guys, hence this awesome primer which is sure to give you some pointers in how to approach Facebook ads. There are plenty of affiliates out there who are making good bucks thanks to Facebook, and that is why so many people out there are giving it a go, but there are other reasons as well.


Media buys can be expensive for someone starting out, and AdWords can be a hell for affiliates, but Facebook is the easiest way for someone with a low budged to promote CPA using paid advertising. There is just one small problem, and the problem is not the offers or the platforms, the problems lie within the affiliates themselves who, unfortunately, don’t have a clue what to do, but I will be sure to help them out with this kickass guide.

One of the things I have been noticing for quite a while is that people randomly choose an offer with a nice payout, set up a campaign, spend a little bit of money, and then wonder why the hell have they wasted their investment. What they fail to ask themselves is HOW they have managed to mess things up. Experience has taught me exactly what it is that makes a successful Facebook campaign, and by successful I mean profitable. Read on and learn what you have been doing wrong, and how to fix it!


I am going to focus today on how a campaign should be created, and later on you will learn more about it in detail, as well as some tips which are bound to do you good.


1. Picking a niche

One of the most common mistakes is promoting tons of different offers, don’t do that! Choose a niche and do your best to stick with it. How does this help you? Well, if you continue promoting offers in the same niche, you will surely have a deeper understanding of how that market functions, and you will learn another important thing – what makes the people do what you want them to do.

Think about Facebook for a moment, what is the first thing that you imagine most of the users spend their time on on Facebook? You are correct if you have guessed dating, gaming, and even mobile related activities. Majority of users on Facebook talk to their friends and acquaintances, watch funny videos, post funny pictures, play games, read news, and so on.

What I have stated above should lead you to think that you shouldn’t bombard the Facebook users with luxurious things, massive endless forms, etc… You should always keep in mind that most of the people use their leisurely time to relax on Facebook. They like to unwind, chill, and spend their time on trivialities. That’s why you have to give them exactly what they crave for! It bears repeating, know your audience!


2. Picking the right offers

You have all been on Facebook, you have seen how it functions, how the people using it operate, and all other sorts of things that you might have taken for granted. What’s the one key thing that you have managed to notice? Think about it – it is speed! Everything on Facebook is fast, news feed gets filled with tons of info in an instant, and people don’t want to spend their time on “tough” tasks like reading and writing. People tend to browse very fast on Facebook, if anything seems to them like it might waste them more time than what they are comfortable with, they will ignore it!

That’s why I have mentioned speed, your offers should make the user think that they aren’t spending too much of their time on it. It has to be simple, sleek, fast! Try to avoid e-mail confirmation offers, most of the Facebook users will simply avoid it. You have to understand the mindset of an average Facebook user if you want to do good. I have shown you how an average user thinks, and it is up to you to use the knowledge to make them complete the offer! Give preference to 1st and 2nd page submits, and stay away from long forms!

It is important to note that you should choose offers that do not violate Facebook’s Guidelines, since it only leads to your ads not getting approved!


3. Think about a specific demographic

Don’t fool yourself by thinking that you should go broad, never do it! The key here is not trying to reach a huge audience, but defining a specific, smaller demographic for your campaign.

If you think that different age ranges will find your offer interesting and make your offer perform well, then you should set up different campaigns for them. If you are, for whatever reason, unable to set up different campaigns, at least do different ads for those different age groups.

Let’s say that you have an offer which would perform well with men aged 18-35, what you should do is split them, and create different campaigns for them. One for those aged between 18-25, another one for 25-30, and another one for the men whose age ranges between 30 and 35. Different age groups behave differently, and it will be noticeable, that is why you should divide your campaign into different age groups and test them separately.

The same goes for different sexes, just be sure to think hard about the demographic you are trying to target, and you will see good results in no time.


This is everything I have for you now, but stick around because I will soon release the other parts of this primer. You will learn about the angles (even where to find amazing ones if you can’t think of them yourself), split testing, creating ads, improving the conversion rate, and a much more.

Hopefully I have managed to make you think, and I am looking forward to you succeeding. Be sure to check back soon for the continuation of this primer!

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