, The best way to buy likes on Facebook

The best way to buy likes on Facebook

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Buying likes on Facebook; most people say DO NOT DO IT, It’s A Rip Off.  It’s Scam.

Why?  Because you are going to get people liking your page who don’t give a damn about your product/business; and therefore the engagement will be horrible, if any.

TRUE, TRUE… but;  what if I told you there’s a way to buy likes AND get crazy good engagement?

Well there is, and I will tell you in a sec, but first let me share a story. There’s a guru/coach by the name Mike Hobbs. If you are following me on Facebook; you know I’ve been reading Russell Brunson’s DotComSecrets; in it he says that you need to purchase other peoples products to really be able to break their funnel apart and ‘hack it’ (and learn from it). So I saw a mini course Mike Hobbs was selling for $67 and I bought it; because I was curious how he does it.

To make a long story short, this guy has over 21,000 followers,   but what shocked me is that his engagement when he posts something (the organic reach) is only like 500-1000 people. I was like HUH? Whereas at the time of this writing I have 2.8k followers on my Facebook page; and when I post something my engagement is usually around ~5000 organic.

How can this be?  Well for one, I didn’t spend a cent buying likes for iAmAttila using the normal way; that’s a waste of money and the results suck (as Mike Hobbs demonstrated indirectly through his course). Instead, I use a method that works like magic.

You are reading this article now because you found it somehow;  wouldn’t it be nice to hear many more awesome tips like this from me every time I publish something? Well you can; just like my page!

So what is the best way to ‘buy likes’ on Facebook for your business/offer/service? It is to put people just like you who visited this website, into a custom audience and then retarget everyone in this customer audience with a like campaign!


The readers digest version.

  • Buying likes the regular way = no no
  • Place custom audience pixel into your websites/landing pages.
  • Retarget website visitors with like campaign
  • Enjoy the great quality likes & engaged users.

That’s it 🙂


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  1. retargeting audience has been always a great way to generate traffic , what is the best book in market about custom retargeting that u would recommend to check .?
    thank you for the valuable informations

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