Frequently Asked Questions

iAmAffiliate Premium Affiliate Marketing Forum FAQ:

Frequently asked questions 2

Q: Why Join iAmAffiliate Premium Forum?

A: iAmAffiliate members only forum was created with one goal in mind, to help advanced affiliates learn new tricks and share knowledge about methods that work right now, in real time. Some of the benefits of joining iAmAffiliate include:

  • Access to up to date methods & information about traffic sources, campaigns, offers and niches that work right now.
  • Case studies showing step by step how money is being made right now, something that can’t be posted publically so there’s less competitors doing it.
  • Access to get help from iAmAttila directly via the forum
  • Special discounts and bonuses for members only
  • Meet advanced affiliates that make a living doing aff marketing to network with
  • Weekly perks, like Andor’s Spying Guide to know what offers/angles are doing best

Q: What does a membership cost at iAmAffiliate?

A: The price of membership is only $49.95 per month for individuals, and $99.95 per month for companies looking to get new business.

Q: Who is iAmAffiliate recommended for?

A: iAmAffiliate premium forum, and the members only area is recommended for novice & advanced affiliates. We don’t cover much basic stuff (you can get that for free on Youtube), but dive into actual, proven methods that work and always test new methods and conduct case studies Myth Busters style to see what happens if we test this, what happens if we A/B test that. We welcome newbies that prefer a sharp learning curve as well.

Q: How much money do you need to start affiliate marketing?

A: Have at least $1000 saved up in order to be able to test low-payout offers and get your feet wet, expect to lose it all. This attitude will help ensure your success, if you go into affiliate marketing thinking you can make 1 million dollars because a fake guru aka bullshit snake oil sales man told you; then you are in for a dissapointment. iAmAffiliate premium forum, and iAmAttila blog is different because we are RAW & Honest, if you are after what you want to hear (that it’s easy to make millions, that its just mindset, that you can kill it by working just 4 hour work week) then this community isn’t for you.

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