, Introducing – My New Hobby!  QUADCOPTERS

Introducing – My New Hobby! QUADCOPTERS

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I’m not all work, hell no – one has to enjoy all the money they make from affiliate marketing. I hope you have some fun too!

One of my newest hobbies are QUADCOPTERS. The quadcopter bug bit me 3 months ago, when I picked up a cheap 30 dollar model.

Here’s my first quadcopter:

Syma X4 4 Channel 2.4GHz RC Pioneer Quad Copter w/ Gyro [Buy for $30 on Amazon]

, Introducing – My New Hobby!  QUADCOPTERS

This one was a pain in the ass to fly because its so light weight if there’s any bit of wind you can’t really fly it that well.  It doesn’t have auto hover, and the controls are ultra sensitive.    Was a great learning quad,  which I was able to master to a level where I could fly it pretty well controlled in indoor spaces.

That’s it, it was time to get a bigger, better quad copter, so next I ordered one of these bad boys with a camera [or so I thought it was a bad boy]

My second quadcopter…    H8C 2.4G 4CH 6Axis Gyro RC HD 2MP Camera Quadcopter Explorers Drone – $60 bucks [Amazon link]

, Introducing – My New Hobby!  QUADCOPTERS

I have to say this is pretty bad ass when it comes to flying and fun factor.  The camera kind of sucks, but it does make some OK aerial shots.  The coolest thing I liked about it is the flashing NEON lights.  My son says this is the POLICE COPTER.   Because they do flash red/blue/white on the sides.       I abused it so much, I killed one of the motors and now waiting for replacement motors to arrive from China I had to order.     While I wait I went out and bought another Quad Copter …


My 3rd  is the Syma X5C-1 Available for $60.20 on Amazon [I bought it here]

Now this quad copter has a wayyy better camera.  I also ordered bunch of extra batteries because one lasts arounds 6-7 minutes.

, Introducing – My New Hobby!  QUADCOPTERS


So there you have it, my new hobby and my flying machines.   These are beginner/entry level quads that are relatively cheap.  But if you want to have a whole lot of fun, this is the best bang for your buck without a doubt.

I highly recommend these,   if you are looking for more pro quads, stay tunes as I just put in my pre order for the new Phantom 3 quad copter, here’s their promo video.. it’s going to be EPIC to fly!!

WOW! This is amazing! Or so I think, what do You think?

Share this post and enter to win 1 on 1 consulting worth $2000!

3 thoughts on “Introducing – My New Hobby! QUADCOPTERS”

  1. Haha.. a couple years back I was buying the single prop RC helicopters. They didn’t come with a camera or have this kind of range and they were super hard to fly.. But they were fun once you got the hang of it.


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