Spy Tools cost a fortune, let me give you TWO actual, real life prices: An account on MagicAdz, the #1 Facebook Spy tool I use everyday costs $249 per month after you use the forever50 discount coupon that will get you $50 off each month.

The full suite of AdPlexity that includes Push, Mobile, Desktop, Native, Adult, eCom and Carrier spy tools can cost more than $1000 per month AFTER the 30% discount you can get at adplexity.com slash iamattila …

And then there’s similarweb pro, where an account with the most benefitial addon, the popular pages option costs over $1000 per month!!

To have all of these you’d need to spend over $2200 per month. Trust me, they are very well worth it, especially if you are a serious affiliate that runs volume, you can make this money back in no time, it’s an investment in your tool chest, your arsenal to win.

But what if you are a new guy, just looking to get started? How can you get a peak into what’s working when your budget is so tight you can’t buy these things?

Well the answer is Andor’s Weekly Spy Session!!

Andor is an awesome, and very smart guy from Subotica, Serbia. He joined our forum a couple months ago, and has been VERY active helping the members with their campaigns and sharing golden tips. Then one day, he told me, I do a ton of spying to see what’s going on, would it be cool to share it exclusively with the community so we can have more discussions as to what’s working, ideas on what to test, how to make more money?

And I was like SURE, that’s a brilliant idea!! At the same time, I was excited, because I realized, this is a HUGE TIME SAVER for so many people. Especially because he visits each landing page, and saves a copy in ZIP and uploads it to MEGA so anyone can grab it, recode it, edit it, make their own angles from it.

Andor just posted his latest Spy Session, #8 (can’t believe it’s been already 8 weeks since he started this awesome post series).

It features the top landers from the previous week Crypto / Diet / Skin / Casino / Sweeps / Ecom – 8.11.2019 to 8.18.2019 – on Native, Mobile, Push, and Display.

Looking through his guide this is what I learned about what’s hot right now..

MALAYSIA, Crypto is killing, the angle Mahathir Mohamad Told How to Give Wealth Back to Struggling Malaysians is killing.

someone also modified the 17 year old buys mom a house angle, and adapted it for MALAYSIA (changed the pics, localized the story a bit)

GERMANY, crypto is doing well on PopAds over there, using a german guy and his porsche as the main picture..

ITALY has a new crypto angle, showing how a lotto millionaire (an actual one) invested his lotto millions of over 71 million euros to 10x it grant cardone style!

it has the link to download lander, and Andor also posted the winning ad they used to push most traffic to this lander via PropellerAds

in the world of weight loss… this is what’s new..

in the USA, Oprah is back in the weight loss game!! She reveals how her 2018 weight loss secret gave her this fab new look in 2019! Running on content.ad, with an ad that will shock you.. (it shocked me)

in the UK, a 4 pound weight loss solution is running rampant on content.ad using cartoon style ad showing change from fat to skinny… the lander is all about dragons den.. which seems popular in both crypto offers over at Media500 and diet, skin too..

Andor dives deep into more verticals, showing you actual winning landers and their ads and what traffic source they ran the most last week in his spy guide..

here’s skin landers/ads, there’s casino… , there’s awesome sweeps landers, WHITEHAT stuff like mortgage, and refi..

this post itself is worth GOLD, and he does it 4x every month…

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