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With Facebook, Google, Taboola, Outbrain banning affiliate campaigns all the time – this created a massive demand for high quality push traffic sources. Push.house has a unique database that’s great to scale on; and covers most countres in the world.

Push traffic is still going strong in 2021. It is still considered to be one of the biggest money-makers traffic-wise where affiliates can run the best converting offers on, and don’t need thousands of dollars to start on. PUSH is also a great place to SCALE campaigns that are dialed in.

More and more affiliates are trying their luck with push every day according to reputable affiliate marketing forums like STM.

Push advertising networks are constantly working hard to improve their platforms and add features that marketers might use and improve their targeting methods. Each network is fighting hard for its users and creating features that might help them have more success than the competition.

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Anyways, back to Push House!

Push.house has one of the most robust advertising networks out there. Push House has made the user experience polished and incredibly easy to use so even beginners can learn how to use the platform within just a few minutes.

They have a bunch of features that make them a better choice for most affiliates. When their business launched in 2018, they set out to create the best push advertising network on the web. This is no easy task as good, feature-rich, and polished networks have already existed for several years. These networks had already active userbases that weren’t keen on switching. But the thing that they missed out on is innovation and improvement. 

Because of the slow competition, Push House quickly managed to take a big part of the market for themselves. Today, there are one of the biggest platforms for push notification advertising on the market. Currently, the Push House database has more than 525 million active subscribers all around the world. This translates to 15 billion daily impressions. The database is always being replenished with fresh new users that never seen push ads before. These users come from multiple GEOs so you shouldn’t have issues with that. If the traffic somehow isn’t enough for you, Push.house offer additional traffic via over 120 third-party feeds that are at your disposal (however, personally; the best is always to use the in-house feeds as they are unique). 

With such numbers, it is no surprise that their affiliate program is quite popular. Their Partners House program is created for affiliates that have websites to monetize or third-party promotions. The program helps affiliates make money through push notification ads and subscriptions. 

Creating a Push House Campaign is Easy!

push.house - how to create a campaign

Due to the streamlined process, creating campaigns within the platform is incredibly simple. Push.house believes in simplicity but not feature cutting, so you will have important targeting tools that other platforms have as well. The only difference is that it is much simpler to use due to the layouts and design. 

Creating a campaign can be done within a few minutes. The whole process can be summed up in just a few simple steps. 

The first thing you should do is load up some money into your account. Your balance can be replenished via most payment methods including Visa, Bitcoin, Webmoney, and others. After you have a minimum of $50 you can proceed to create your first campaign. On the create a campaign page you will be greeted by a simple UI that will make the whole process easy. 

You will have to give your campaign a name first of all. You can then insert your affiliate link so that the traffic can be driven to it. There are also macros you can add that can improve your campaigns by giving you more detailed statistics. Some of the macros are:

  • {site} – This maco will show you which sites the user got the push notification from
  • {camp} – With this macro you can know which campaign the user clicked on
  • {pdpid} – This one tracks the length of the subscription by the user. Push House traffic is divided by subscription age so this is a way to track it
  • {price} –  Tracks the price of the users click on your ad
  • {feed} – Track the traffic that came via clicks from feeds
  • {country} – Tracks, where they click on your ad, happened
  • {city} – Tracks which city the click came from
  • {os} – Tracks which OS the user was using when he clicked on the ad
  • {lang} – Which language your traffic is using
  • {browser} – Which browser the user used upon clicking
  • {format} – For campaigns with multiple formats, where you want to track which of the formats work best. 

After doing this you should select one or more GEOs you want your campaigns to target. After that, you will have to decide on budgeting. You will have to set the CPC that you think will work best for your goals. Also, you will have to pick if you want to target mobile, desktop, or both with your campaigns. 

Creating Ads for Your Push House Campaigns

The first thing you will need to decide when creating your ads is the title. These should be catchy titles that get people to click with just a few words. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the character limit, which is 30 characters max. This isn’t much, but your campaign titles should be short and sweet anyway!

You are also able to add a bit of text to your ads as well. This small blurb can be up to 45 characters and should be used to better describe your ad. 

You can also use images for your ads as well. The main picture can be up to 492x328px and it will be displayed below your title and text. You can also add a small icon to your ad to make it more personal. The icon can be up to 192×192 px. 

If you aren’t sure what you can create, or you need a bit of inspiration, Push House offers Ready sets for you. These are a part of Push Houses in-house spy tool that can help give you an idea of what to do and how to do it. They also offer a more fully-fledged spy tool called Spy House which you can use to spy on the competition and gain an advantage. 

After all of this, you are almost done with your campaign!

If you have specific schedules that you would like to follow, you can set them up for your campaigns at this point. You will have to specify if your campaigns have adult content or not. You can set limits for the amount spent or clicks for your campaigns. And that is it. You are ready to launch your first campaign with Push House!

Final Words on Push House

push.house review 2021

Even though it is a new and still growing platform, it is certainly one of the best currently available. The platform is constantly growing and improving and if Push.house continues in this direction in the next couple of years, I am sure they can easily reach the top of Push Notification Networks. To wrap things up, here are some short pros and cons that you should know about!


  • Huge amounts of traffic from multiple GEOs around the world
  • The traffic itself is of high quality that is provided by their in house platform Partners House
  • Access to all of the popular Push advertising formats available
  • Over 15 optimization tools that can help your campaigns thrive
  • Simple and intuitive UI that even complete beginners can use effectively
  • Simple payment methods including Visa, Crypto, Webmoney, and more.
  • Telegram support in Russian and English 


  • It is a younger platform so it isn’t as popular as the older ones
  • Some smaller features that big networks have are missing, but the devs said these should be added to the platform soon. 
  • There are fewer online guides and tutorials for Push.House compared to other networks

Have you used Push for your campaigns? Which is your preferred network and why? 

PS: They also have an affiliate program where you can earn extra money towards your campaigns by referring your friends; 3% is what they pay if you are interested ask your rep.

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*This was a sponsored post for Push.house, please read full disclosure policy for more information.

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  1. Maaaan, this network is a gem, literally!
    I have been using it for just around a week now but traffic is actually good! I run dating offers for multiple GEOs and I have conversions with the bare minimums I work with!


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