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Want to know what’s making money in affiliate marketing in 2020?

Which verticals are the best to focus on during probably the craziest year of our lifetime?

RedTrack, the cloud based tracking software company we use for our campaigns interviewed the biggest names in the affiliate marketing industry to get their feedback. Best of all, it’s free from fake-GURU promo and upsells you typically find in these type of ebooks!

The Free 80+ Page Guide to Affiliate Marketing Verticals in 2020

“This 80-page guide is a real encyclopedia with practical tips and authoritative opinions. Our Team made it in such a way that both newcomers and experienced marketers will find the content useful. Our goal was not to make another ebook with a ton of self-promo content, but provide a real value to affiliates and help them make the right decision in times of uncertainty.” – Vlad Zhovtenko, CEO

Here are 5 reasons why you need to read this!

  1. A very detailed overview of the present and future of affiliate marketing verticals (nutra, dating, crypto, finance & insurance, mobile apps, e-commerce, education, travel, gaming, sweepstakes, and gambling),
  2. Secrets and proven tips from over 30 industry experts and their direct contacts,
  3. Examples of converting banners from the top spy tools
  4. Real case studies based on months of data revealing successful affiliate marketing campaigns from top affiliates
  5. Special Money Saving Discounts & promo codes from Affiliate Networks and Traffic Sources.

I also had the pleasure of sharing my 2 cents on our industry and what I think will happen in the future as well some tips that work now. The crew at RedTrack asked nicely, and we decided to cave in – and grant their wish. There’s a truly exclusive discount code for iAmAffiliate premium forum that’s not available anywhere else just in the free ebook.

What are you waiting for? Click Here to grab your Free copy now and read through over 80 pages of experts opinions, impartial analytics and real-life cases that make this ebook a real educational tool.

“If you want to stay up to date in the latest affiliate marketing trends and know how to get started in 2020 this ebook is a must. It’s got great insights from dozens of people in the industry to help you kick start your campaigns.”

 – Servando Silva, Affiliate & Owner of blog

The Free 80+ Page Guide to Affiliate Marketing Verticals in 2020

Share this post and enter to win 1 on 1 consulting worth $2000!