, How to Price the Leads You Generate

How to Price the Leads You Generate

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Pricing Your Leads is not as hard as you think, and in this short post I’ll explain how we do it when we target people that are spending money on advertising their business via Google Search PPC.

But first, a little foreword for affiliate marketers – Lead Generation is one of those verticals that Facebook and Google will never, ever kill with their endless policy updates.

Every business in the world needs leads to survive, so if you are sick of getting banned non-stop, not getting enough cap on offers, and you just want to invest more into something stable then lead gen could be your golden ticket.

To find the best price to sell leads for, what you gotta do is fire up google adwords keyword tool, then type in your main keywords.

Let’s say roofing companies

See what the top of the page bid average is, let’s say its $25 for 1 click.

That means that the advertiser who is appearing on the first page for the keyword roofing companies is paying on average $25 for a single click already.

Not every click turns into a lead for them so as a general rule for adwords search PPC, a 20% conversion rate from click to lead is a good number to use. Of course your CR can be higher if you optimize your landing pages, and/or have an offer most won’t refuse but that’s another story.

Assuming their CPC cost is $25, and 20% of clicks turn into a lead that means they need to spend on average $125 to get 1 lead.

So there you go, you can charge them $125 per unqualified lead.

Or take it a step further, and pre-qualify the leads, and send them warm leads that have a higher chance of buying for way more than $125 per lead.

Share this post and enter to win 1 on 1 consulting worth $2000!

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  1. Hey Attila,

    This post is very short. Could you please elaborate on whom to send leads? I have weight loss leads but don’t know how to make money out of them.


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