Recently I completed my new book “From Zero to Super Affiliate”. (It’s available for sale on Amazon right here for $4.95 Kindle and $9.95 Physical Book.)

It’s the most detailed, easiest to understand beginner’s guide to affiliate marketing. It’s a great way to learn about affiliate marketing with paid advertising. The book answers the ultimate question “What is Affiliate Marketing, really?” Also, gives answers to many questions including:

  • How does affiliate marketing with paid ads work?
  • Why is this a legitimate way to earn money online?
  • How do affiliates get paid?
  • What is a tracker like RedTrack all about? Why is it needed?
  • What are traffic sources like Facebook, Google, ZeroPark, Taboola, Outbrain?
  • What Are Cpa Network partners like Supremedia a must to work with?
  • What are competitive intelligence tools?
  • Why do the top marketers use them?
  • How do affiliates find profitable campaigns with these ‘spy tools’ like Adplexity?

The book also takes a newbie through the steps of launching their first campaigns. Pick up a copy here if you want.
Anyways, this post is not about what my book contains, rather than what the book does.

I created this book to help people who have zero clue about affiliate marketing. Give them a resource they can learn from and get all the basics down in only 1-2 days. From Zero to Super Affiliate book is also a very well thought out funnel. It generates leads for many different businesses and partners.

Lead Generation has been a huge part of our business in 2020 and beyond.

Facebook Ads has cracked down big on BH, making it near impossible for affiliate marketers to run. I’m glad I pivoted so it didn’t effect my life, but a lot of people that got used to living it up are now struggling.

Lead Gen will be here to stay forever, real businesses need leads. It’s an industry that will grow. You can run paid ads to generate leads, and finished with it.

Or you can do what this guide will show you how to use a lead magnet (like From Zero to Super affiliate Book). To generate leads by giving it away for FREE using targeted PUSH ads that cost pennies. Build a list, that’s also an asset. Then re-market to these leads through PUSH, Email, and paid retargeting campaigns.

Before we get started, here’s what You’ll need.

ZeroPark Account – sign up here.
-A Tracker – get RedTrack here
-Designs, make your own or hire
-Translations if you are doing foreign geos, use this translation service.

Part #1 – Brainstorming the Ad Angles

Unlike traditional affiliate marketer campaigns where we’d spy to get ideas.

This is a very unique offer we’re about to promote. It’s a free book for affiliate marketers.

One of the biggest mistakes I see Blackhatters switching into Whitehat and Lead Gen make is this.

They don’t get it how the text aka ad angle matters the most in whitehat.

They mastered running ads like “X died”, “Fans are in shock” and other click baity stuff to get cheap clicks. That doesn’t work here. If you run like that for lead gen, sure you will get leads, but they will suck and be worthless that won’t convert later.

You need leads that have intent to buy stuff later in the funnel. So in my case of my book From Zero to Super Affiliate this intent is to learn affiliate marketing.

I begin, and brainstorm what kind of PUSH ads would work best to get me high quality leads. People that want to learn affiliate marketing for real.

So here we go…

#1 – If You Want To Learn Affiliate, Download this FREE eBook Now!
As you can see, the ad angles QUALIFIES the person seeing the PUSH ad.

#2 – Want to Learn Affiliate Marketing with Paid Ads? Download This FREE eBook Now!

It’s a proven fact, the mind is wired to notice questions. That’s why I always throw in an angle that starts with a question as above.

Due to the limits on characters in ZeroPark push, the above initial idea was shortened to “Wanna Learn Aff Marketing? Download this FREE eBook Now!”

#3 – Don’t Pay $997 For A Course, Learn Aff Marketing For Free, Download Book Now

This shows how valuable this book is, it’s better than many $997 courses, and it’s FREE. The angle doesn’t forget that our target audience is people that want to learn aff marketing.

#4 – People That Want to Learn Affiliate Marketing Are Buying This Book for $9.95 on Amazon. -But Right Now, You Can Download It For FREE Here!

This angle tells the reader that the book is $9.95 and its on amazon. But now it’s available for free. It also qualifies out target audience that wants to learn affiliate marketing.

UPDATE: Decided not to use this angle, as it’s way too fken long to fit well, shortening it doesn’t convey the intended message.

#5 – Hey, Want To Learn AffMrkting? Claim Your Free Copy of eBook Now
Short n sweet as they say.

Part #2 – Coming Up With The Ad Images

To get an idea of what kind of ad images dominate on ZeroPark, i am using my trusty AdPlexity spy tool for PUSH. What I want to do is check last 7 days stats, and see which campaigns received the most traffic.
Here’s the results:

How To Run Lead Generation Campaign on ZeroPark Push Traffic Using a Lead Magnet (Free eBook Giveaway)

Analyzing the image, I see that the icon is always some kind of basic, alert style thing. While the main image is to the point representation of the product being promoted.

That’s why I will be A/B testing picture of my book on its own, in hand, on an angle and another image that tells what the offer is all about. (So 3 images)

Here are the ads I’ve created from the brainstormed angles, and also based on the images I’ve seen doing well while spying:

How To Run Lead Generation Campaign on ZeroPark Push Traffic Using a Lead Magnet (Free eBook Giveaway)

#3 Data Collection Campaign Setup on ZeroPark – This is how I configured the settings for my campaign running on RON (Run of Network)

When I run ZP campaigns for our Finance lead gen from Supremedia, or Dating from TopOffers I always hit up my rep at Zeropark and get a list of placements. Promoting eBooks for affiliate marketers isn’t something you see many people do, so that’s why I am starting with a LOW BID, and LOW BUDGET PER SOURCE – Run of Network (RON) campaign.

How To Run Lead Generation Campaign on ZeroPark Push Traffic Using a Lead Magnet (Free eBook Giveaway)
How To Run Lead Generation Campaign on ZeroPark Push Traffic Using a Lead Magnet (Free eBook Giveaway)
How To Run Lead Generation Campaign on ZeroPark Push Traffic Using a Lead Magnet (Free eBook Giveaway)

NOTE: Very important that you send the right tracking tokens for PUSH campaigns in the URL. Make sure that the Traffic Source entry inside RedTrack has these fields

  • {source}
  • {target}
  • {campaign_id}
  • {campaign_name}
  • {os}
  • {creative_id}
  • {browser}
  • {push_type}
  • {visit_cost}
  • {creative_number}

After it’s all setup, we wait for approval that’s pretty fast compared to Facebook / Google Ads. Then we wait for it to spend a bit, and double check that our tracker is working, clicks are showing up inside the tracker, they are arriving at the offer and S2S postback URL is placed, and any other conversions are also placed (I place Facebook Pixel, Google Retargeting Pixel, and Tag Manager to Fire different Events at Different Places in the funnel)

Part #4 – Collecting, Analyzing Data & Building Custom List of Targets in Our Data Collection Campaign

After I’ve made sure all the stuff is working properly, pixels are added, google tag manager is setup to track the different events (clicks, on page for more than 5s, visited the sign up page, thank you page, download page, etc) It’s time to run some traffic.

We’ve started our test on RON, but I decided to get the top 5 sources that others run white hat offers on in the USA from my rep at zeropark, and modified my campaign to just run on these 4 sources.

Sources are who the supplier for the push database is, and targets are the different websites from that source.

So I needed to setup an Optimization rule, that if a target spent $5 and it didn’t generate any ROI, it would pause that target. Here it is:

How To Run Lead Generation Campaign on ZeroPark Push Traffic Using a Lead Magnet (Free eBook Giveaway)

Our data after 7 days of running the campaign, and spending $1000.75 exactly.

How To Run Lead Generation Campaign on ZeroPark Push Traffic Using a Lead Magnet (Free eBook Giveaway)
One placement was paused early, 2 performed the best, 2 did horrible.

CPA’s are sky high at the SOURCE level for this free book giveaway. There’s no way in hell we can afford $20+ per lead. Our target is below $10.

So what we do is, dive in deeper, and look at the targets… those are the websites under each push source.

How To Run Lead Generation Campaign on ZeroPark Push Traffic Using a Lead Magnet (Free eBook Giveaway)
We note down the name of the targets where our lead cost was under $10 and we had minimum 1 conversions and make a list.

I’ve made a list of all the targets that meet my criteria, and wrote down what the average CPC bid price was from the zeropark interface that’s labelled “your avg cost”

Part #5 – Setting up our Money Campaign Using The Winning Targets from Our Data

Not enough data, statistically insignificant data, “you need more data man” are common phrases being thrown around in the affiliate marketing industry however 99% of people fail to explain why they say that and what that means.

Don’t worry, it’s quite normal and I should say typical that people you meet don’t know how to explain things in an easy to understand manner. Teaching and explaining is a skill on it’s own.

This is what they mean when they say the stuff above. Having enough data to make decisions is very important, that’s why we use a tracker like RedTrack to read the data because it tells us the truth. Unlike humans, data doesn’t lie. Data doesn’t need to impress someone on Instagram. It tells the truth of how things are, where they work, and what is broken. By having enough data you will see a clear picture of what to do next, what to fix, what to improve.

The most important data indicator for me are CONVERSIONS. You can have the highest CTR ever, if they never result in conversion what does it matter?

I’ve selected the targets as I’ve shown you above, based on a criteria. Now it’s time to put all the data to work for us and get us conversions for our target – LESS THAN $10/sign up.

Let’s get back to setting up our money campaign now…

Inside ZeroPark, we click NEW CAMPAIGN on top menu, PUSH, Target campaign,

zeropark push guide
zeropark lead generation

After creating the campaign, I manually updated the CPC’s for each target individually. My campaign level bid is only 4 cents but the average cost i was paying way higher:

How To Run Lead Generation Campaign on ZeroPark Push Traffic Using a Lead Magnet (Free eBook Giveaway)

Now waiting game starts, the biggest influence for my CPA cost from this point will be creatives. Since we know placements that bring leads for relative lowest price, we play with the ads to bring down the CPA after we run a few hundred to know what works from the current creatives.

Part #6 – Secondary Results Are IN! And That’s how you LOWER your Lead Cost Ladies n Gens! How to Proceed After This to Achieve Your Target Low CPA!

how to make money with zeropark

One of our targets is under $10 so we’re good there. There’s other that decreased in lead cost, however we still have work to do.

Since they are ‘on their own now’ the next thing we do is test different creatives. We check and see which creative did the best by looking in our tracker. I use RedTrack, so I log in and break it down by TARGET > CREATIVE ID. This way I can see which creative did best on that specific target.

how to run a campaign on zeropark

After checking my target in RedTrack, where my CPA was $17.74 after spending $124.15 I learned that creative #1 spent $42.032 and is the cause for my bad CPA. If we look at the data we can see that 3 other ads were getting below $10.

How To Run Lead Generation Campaign on ZeroPark Push Traffic Using a Lead Magnet (Free eBook Giveaway)

So what we do is pause creative #1 and then let the others run, and we monitor it. Once we learn and see which one gets us the lowest CPA, we then upload more of that by creating slight variants.

TIP: A variant maybe one where you strip the META DATA / generate a new hash. (Ie resize the image by 1 pixel, or apply a 1% noise filter)

Continue with the above optimization method, and you will be able to reach your target lead costs.

#7 Conclusion – How To Use This To Make Money With Zeropark PUSH by Optimizing Your Way to The Lead Cost You need!

If you talk to many, you will probably hear PUSH sucks.

The reason why most people fail with ZEROPARK PUSH is because they are not patient, and they don’t follow a system. If push sucked, then ZP, Propeller, RichAds, Evadav, and all the others would be OUT OF BUSINESS because no one would be buying their traffic, yet here they are after many, many years still right?

In 2021 the trick to success will be to know your KPI’s and TRUST YOUR SYSTEM, then follow it. Make a plan and stick to it. The days of rip n running something, uploading it and making crazy profit are gone. But if you are willing to do what I explained above, you can find profitable campaigns and make money with affiliate marketing for sure.

Hope you enjoyed this guide. i Am Attila, the “GURU” the affiliates that never help anyone HATE because I give you their ‘secrets’. If you haven’t yet, join our free telegram channel at

As far as what offers to run? You should always spy and see what’s working. There’s the spy tools, and then there’s free methods you can employ that might actually work better. Check iAmAffiliate, the #1 affiliate marketing forum for details on that.

Again, to do the above stuff this is what you’ll need as a minimum:

ZeroPark Account – sign up here.
-A Tracker – get RedTrack here
-Designs, make your own or hire
-Translations if you are doing foreign geos, use this translation service.