An Oldie But Goodie – List Building 101 with Frank Kern

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I am a major fan of Frank Kern,   he’s the kind of guy who you either love right away or you hate.   He’s straight in your face, yet not arrogant at all like some people.   He’s a true professional.      The guy is the god of list building,   something I highly advocate and recommend to people getting into IM.

Many people say the money is in the list; yet most of the newbies who get into affiliate marketing opt to go for the quick gratification,  rather than the only one that brings long term profits – list building.

Anyway, this video is from 2008!  Yes its 6 years old – but what Frank teaches in it, is still how email marketing and list building works today.    Definately worth every single minute, and it’s totally free.    Enjoy!

Frank Kern – List building 101 on how you can make money forever!

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