How To A/B Test Broadcasts & Subject Lines on aWeber in 3 Easy Steps

How To A/B Test Broadcasts & Subject Lines on aWeber in 3 Easy Steps

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NOTE: This tutorial is for aWeber, my favorite email marketing tool I use to stay in touch with my blog readers.  If you don’t have an account yet,  get one here!

Split testing on aWeber can be a bit tricky since at the time of this tutorial, they removed the link under the Create a broadcast button to create one.  But not to worry; turns out its still available by accessing it via a direct URL.

I will now teach you all the steps you need in order to successfully create split tests in AWeber.

BTW, In case you don’t know what email marketing is;  or why it’s important to split test subject lines as a minimum when sending emails to a list this tutorial might a bit advanced and I really recommend you check out Frank Kern’s stuff on youtube about list building; or read Russel Brunson’s book called DotComSecrets to get familiar with the subject.

Here we go…

Step 1 – Navigate to the correct page

There is a direct link that will bring you to the page you are looking for. That page is for some reason hidden from the interface and can only be accessed through a direct URL.

What you need to do is to navigate directly to

You will see this page


Choose the options that best suit your needs, see example below


When you are done, simply click the “Save Split Test” button.

Step 2 – Create Messages

Switch to the Broadcast Messages and create your messages in the options you prefer.


You can choose between Drag & Drop Email Builder, Plain Text Message and HTML Editor.

I will use Drag & Drop Email builder in this guide as an example since it’s the most popular choice.


Create your message and Save it.

Step 3 – Send your messages

After saving your created message you should be redirected to


Select your messages from the list and choose sending option for each message.


But in order to be able to select messages for split testing, you will choose the option “Schedule a Broadcast”.


In this area “Send to Segment” click the “Edit” button.


You will now be able to choose the split test tests you saved from the drop-down menu under “Send to Segment

Do that for all of the messages in your split test, choosing a different segment for each message.
When you are done send your messages.

And that’s it, short and simple step-by-step guide and now you know how to add split testing to AWeber.

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