[FREEMIUM Guide] $150+ per day on Facebook running sweepstakes offers

[FREEMIUM Guide]  $150+ per day on Facebook running sweepstakes offers

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12/23/2016 – This was a premium post I did for STM earlier this year, this Xmas I decided to release it publicly, as my gift to you. This is a real, actual, working method to make big money on Facebook. It’s not a SCAM, or something other. Just read the post comments below, there are many guys making $1k/per day thanks to this guide I wrote and published on StackThatMoney premium forum. There’s a ton of other great guides like this one, that isn’t public yet, you can read here. All I ask is that you SHARE THIS by either tagging friends or pressing the share button! Happy Holidays

I’ve spent the last 8 months playing with Facebook, learning every targeting method possible and practicing and fine tuning the craft of optimization and finding passionate audiences.

Today I am going to share with you a method that can easily generate $150 bucks or more for you; if you do it right – this is an exact campaign that was making me $xxx per day on average, on auto pilot pretty much.

This method has to do with picking a popular trend in a country and then exploiting it in your favor and all the hype around it to BANK! This is going to be a long post; so go grab some popcorn!

One of the keys to WH on Facebook is picking a niche with passionate audience; but before we get there, we need to have some offers to sling these people else all work is going to be for free (we won’t have a way to make money for all this hard work we’re about to do)

Step 1 – Hit up your AM, and get a list of top converting offers right now that meet my math. By math I mean what I need in terms of payment to match my numbers based on what the lander CTR is to be expected; what is the CPC we will be paying for every click to lander, and what is the conversion rate. That allowed me to calculate that I need an offer thats at least paying out $9 minimum. With that in mind, i picked a win Iphone 6s offer; iPad Mini, $1000 Virgin Air Gift Card

Campaign Vertical: Sweepstakes (Mobile)
Geo: Australia
Traffic source: Facebook
Offer: [WAP] Win iPhone 6S /AU, [WAP] Win iPhone Mini, [WAP] $1000 Virgin Air Gift Card
Payout: $12, $12, $9.60

Step 2 – Go to google, and type in “trends in Australia”; it returned bunch of results the main one being https://www.google.com.au/trends/hottrends

Google Trends for Australia. GO through the list and find something that you think it interesting; write it down on a notepad; get around 5 things. After you get a list of the 5 things, head over to Facebook Audience insights; select the country that you want (in this case Australia), and type in every trend from your list one by one; make note of total audience size it splits back.

After doing it for all the terms, then go and find the top 2; you want to go in deeper and evaluate which are the most passionate fan pages related to these main interests; and then write those down. TO find these, you have to start broad, then work your way down using the affinity score, the higher the better; and fine tune your list. I am not going to give you a step by step on how to do this right now because it’d take a long time; but the best primer I found was this video course which covers running camps on facebook from A to Z; its for eCommerce but that doesn’t matter – what you take away from it can be applied DIRECTLY to running any kind of campaign on FB like an expert.

*When I did this, my niche was Game of Thrones because I know they have a mega following and there will be tons of passionate fan pages on FB; which is key to targeting.

Step 3 – So now I had my list of 5 really passionate interests to target on FB, and i had my niche (Game of Thrones), and I had my 3 offers I will split test to see which one will win.

Next up landing page; I knew I was going to run this on FB so using the FB colors was a no brainer; my experience told me that taking and using someone’s authority in your favor is always good; because when people trust something; they are more likely to buy/convert. Facebook colors, no problem. I knew in order to engage the people who love Game of Thrones, I need to make this a fun survey style landing page – and ask them questions in it. I asked BannersLanders to create me a landing page that looked like this:

Here is the main page (all other pages look the same, except the question changes and the picture related to the question):

[FREEMIUM Guide]  $150+ per day on Facebook running sweepstakes offers

Here is the final page, where they get presented with a prize:

[FREEMIUM Guide]  $150+ per day on Facebook running sweepstakes offers

IMPORTANT: Pay attention to how all my 3 prizes are on there, but 2 are disabled, and only 1 is available. I actually Had B&L create me 3 variants for each prize being available, and I went in testing 3 landing pages to see which offer people want the most!

As far as hosting landers, I hosted my LPs on rackspace; I wrote a free guide on how to do that right here. Reason why I like rackspace CDN is because no matter what country you run in; you can upload your stuff into one single place and they will serve it from the closest node; that’s a huge time saver for me and also cost saver not to mention I don’t have to worry about server downtimes and all that other stuff I HATE dealing with when it comes to hosting.

TIP: Get a cool domain, and CNAME your rackspace CDN url to it to build more credibility with the visitors. (I ended up getting some domain, and setting up a cname which was game-of-thrones-fans.mydomain.com and hosting my LPs on there)

Step 4 – Time to setup the campaigns. Again, I am not going to step by step this because it would take another 5 pages; so I will do the readers digest version. If you never done FB campaigns before and unsure of how to set things up; I again recommend this video course where you can learn how to setup a campaign, how to structure it, and how to optimize.

I went into facebook power editor, I created 2 campaign objectives. One is with Page Post Engagement, and the other is clicks to website.

Camp 1 – PPE campaign
Camp 2 – C2W campaign

The reason why I recommend doing this is because you never know. So try both.

I ran this on Mobile News Feed only; as they are mobile offers. For now I didn’t split it by device.

Each campaign had 5 adsets, each adset was targeting 1 really passionate interest I got from doing my research using audience insights tool.

Here’s one of my PPE ads to give you an idea (note I split tested 5 images, and 1 angle – on FB images are everything, so start there)

[FREEMIUM Guide]  $150+ per day on Facebook running sweepstakes offers

Step 5 – Spend some money. I spent a total of $500 dollars to collect data, split testing a total of 5 images.

I found what worked; then I added more images like it. To scale it, my strategy is to duplicate the winning adset a few times over. In my tests, it was obvious that increasing budgets even at account time reset didn’t yield good CPA’s in fact, they went up in price. So duplicate, duplicate, duplicate. That worked best.

Step 6 – Looking at which offer to run; now I am not going to tell you which one did best; but it will be obvious after you have significant data. Remember how I had 3 variations of lander where only 1 offer was available?? You will want to run just that lander variation with the offer that does best on your funnel and scale!

As always, the PPE ads have to be 1200×1200 pixels while the C2W ads are 1200×628 in dimensions. I found them on images.google.com, and just set it all up in power editor.

Hope this guide is going to make you some money; it’s not hard – you just gotta do it!


NOTICE: (I decided to post this because there are many pussies among us that want to be big men, but are scared to take the steps) This campaign is violating every policy known to man kind on Facebook – proceed with caution. You can and will be banned; for fucks sake you can be banned running a free app install campaign if too many idiots report your ads. But whatever, don’t say I didn’t warn you. To real men; if you lose your account, farm some other ones!

Share this post and enter to win 1 on 1 consulting worth $2000!

iAmAttila is a serial entrepeneur that started performance affiliate marketing in 2008 building and ranking sites. After the google humminbird update made SEO ranking way harder he switched to paid advertising in 2012. Ever since switching to paid ads, he has spent over 8 figures in ad spend promoting a variety of verticals and adapting to new changes and challenges as they come up. on iAmAttila.com, the blog he shares up to date information, tips and tricks that work and helps readers learn about new affiliate marketing opportunities. When he's not busy working (although he works 12-14 hours each day) he enjoys traveling with his family, playing with his dogs, BBQ, movies and learning new stuff.

69 thoughts on “[FREEMIUM Guide] $150+ per day on Facebook running sweepstakes offers”

      1. Lol just wanted to clarify as saw this post on STM before it was taken off and it did mention no cloaking.
        But from comments here I guess it does require cloaking which makes sense.
        This is FREE information so not complaining because you write good stuff. I was only surprised because thought how you can run this without cloaking.

        1. John James Robbins

          Why was it deleted from STM?
          If your FB account gets banned, where do you get a new one? I know you can buy them but…you can’t change your pass (account gets flagged!) so the seller can steal your campaigns or even more malicious things.

  1. ok first of all it’s both khaleesi and mother of dragons. next, you have to cloak this lander to get it approved. and second if you have to cloak anyway why do you use “you could win” rather than go the aggressive route and say “you have won?” And last but not least this lander was old before it was new. You let B&L create it for you? sure man, even the comments are ripped so tehre’s nothing new here. Another disinformational post, great work.

        1. If you are worried dont do it. No one is holding a gun against your head. I didnt ask you to read my blog. You didnt pay a cent for this. So stop being a little whiney bitch that hides behind fake names.

          1. i dont give a shit to your lies already. if you are doing this, you are cloaking. no way to do this without cloaking. just dont try to fool newbies with your lies

          2. The point is that newbies who want to earn 150/day are going to try this out and what they will get is their fb account banned and won’t make any money. It’s misleading info like this that make the life for novice affiliates harder than it should be. My comment is helping your readers more than your post when I say that this needs to be cloaked as you failed to mention it in your post.

          3. Everyone decides if they want to take the advice suggested here and take the risks. I am not forcing anyone to do anything nor misleading people or ripping them off – remember this is free information. I understand you might be mad as i posted many nuggz cloakers like you dont want newbies to know.

          4. ok, I guess you’re right man. to give you credit, this post was good all in all. and people will see in the comments that they can’t just this uncloaked. so I guess it’s all cool. PS: nice tip with CNAME to CDN, didn’t think of that.

          5. Hey Erik if you care so much about the newbie affiliates why don’t you spend your time writing for free to help them? Oh, maybe you don’t give a shit about other affiliates, and you’re just a pussy loser hating anonymously xd

          6. I thought I was. If you read my first comment you may uncover at least 3 gold nuggets that will help you to promote sweeps in fb. And like you said I’m doing this anonymously so there is 0 benefit to me plus you don’t see me posting any affiliate links, do you? You sound very naive man, it’s people like you I worry about when they just follow stuff without using their head and then get in trouble.

  2. Thank you for this valuable information Attila! It’s crazy how some people love to complain about everything.

  3. if you are worried about getting ban on FB, don’t play the game.

    You will get ban anyways, even with white hat offers!

    Do you play to win or to “not to loose”?

  4. Mariano Rodriguez

    Thanks, as always quality info that could be applied to any other idea and not just CPA offers… and you are giving it for FREE! Thank you! I think is useful for the ones that could tweak the original idea -the old idea of “ride the trends”- but with other traffic sources, on different countries, in other verticals, etc. The CDN tip is also great. What´s your recommendation with cloacking in FB? no experience at all with that topic.

    1. Private message me on my facebook page, iAmAttila and I will introduce you to cloaker owner; they screen everyone who signs up to avoid workers from FB/Google/etc.

  5. Great post iamattilla. As always you’re quite professional yet you present your posts in an easy-to-understand way!

  6. This was HUGE on google back years ago. People called it “Poles” Do you like coke or pepsi better.. etc.

    They’ve since banned it but people made 10’s of thousands a day using this strategy. Get it while it hot 😀

  7. Hi, Thanks. I tried running a sweepstakes offer with bing ads but didn’t get impressive result. If I want to use a cloaker for this,which one will you suggest? Thanks again

  8. Fuck yeah Mr,Attila. If you don´t risk your facebook accounts you don´t get good money, and I agree with you, you can always farm more acc´s or get an advertiser or buy acc´s.

    Long live Attila!!!!

    1. Yea it’s sad but the people (masses) in today’s world always want fantasy; and you can’t run this without cloaking as its against policy. So you either make money cloaking, or you go get a job somewhere else and live an honest and ethical life. Wolf of wall street vs Not

  9. Hey Bud , Thanks for your efforts .. It would be great if you can also share the “clean ” version of the lander used to get the approval .. and also any advice or direction for farming .. specially for folks outside` the US ..


  10. Nice Informative Post IamAttila…. But, I would like to know which cloakers you have used for this.. Kindly mention the website. Thanks…

  11. Nice information! Crazy that I was actually talking to a fellow AM member today about running FB but how incredibly strict FB is now. Would you mind me emailing you as well about the cloaker?

    1. Private message me on FB (iAmAttila page) the owner of cloaker needs someone to intro you to him; to ensure no FB/Google reps sneak in. So it’s not a public sign up.

  12. Great article Attila, thank you for posting!
    Interesting that you can test pictures objectively on ad level. For me it is very likely that FB will pick one of the ads very early on (not even 100 impressions) and push it all the time (not equal delivery). So the only way I could test – roughly objectively – so far is if the ad sets are identical except for the creatives.

    If you test new creatives to the additional 5, do you start it from scratch (so no ad history) or just put the new ads in the running ad set? I’ve found it difficult to ‘beat’ an already running ad (with engagement already).


    1. It is the same for me as well; I wasn’t clear in my write up as that is covered in that video guide. But…
      test this

      lets say you have 5 ads, you are targeting 1 interest (Game of Thrones Fans)

      Adset1 – 5 ads in one, targeting 1 interest – $25 budget
      Adset2 – ad1, targeting 1 interest – $5 budget
      Adset3 – ad2, targeting 1 interest – $5 budget
      Adset4 – ad3, targeting 1 interest – $5 budget
      Adset5 – ad4, targeting 1 interest – $5 budget
      Adset6 – ad5, targeting 1 interest – $5 budget

      1. thank you for your answer.

        Testing the testing method – sounds good 🙂

        As I see now, there are some GEOs where you can have the one adset method and it delivers roughly evenly the ads. In other GEOs it just won’t happen. Also, the bid can play a role in there.

        I’ll keep experimenting with it as it is important to have a great way to test creatives. Otherwise I might just go with one creative fb picked up early and miss out a lot when it is not the best…

  13. I usually don’t buy products recommended through an affiliate link unless the affiliate has shown to have solid content on his blog or emails. I can honestly say you have done this. With that in mind, most of the forums I have joined have been nothing but whiner clubs. I will join STM today. I have gut feeling it will be different. Later…

  14. So besides the risk of accounts (fb) being banned, my question is what about the aff networks? i just saw a bunch of the offers and they are restricted like hell saying this that method is not allowed. funny thing is how on earth are people going to promote this kinda stuff without cleverly hiding them behind an incentive? how do you “get away” with it?

    1. Why don’t you do a lil bit of digging on the subject matter by talking to affiliates you know? Maybe if you get them drunk at ASW/ASE they’ll share the secret 😉

  15. Hello Attila. Thank you for posting this guide. I adapted a little bit the method and got pretty nice results. Here it’s a screenshot with my revenue for this month. ROI it’s around 200% so i hope i can scale this to more countries.

  16. Just want to write a quick thank you to you, I just hit my fist 1k profit day on Facebook after reading your premium/no BS guide to run sweepstakes on FB.

    Thanks so much for your awesome content. I owe you lots of beer, lol.

    All the best to you!


  17. Just want to write a quick thank you to you, I just hit my fist 1k profit day on Facebook after reading your premium/no BS guide to run sweepstakes on FB.

    Thanks so much for your awesome content. I owe you lots of beer, lol.

    All the best to you!


  18. Attila..hope all is well..Could you please introduce me to the cloaker maker..? I did PM you at the fanPage..Kindly reply..thanks

  19. Really good share Attila. I tried some blackhat campaigns (games) on facebook and I got 2 accs disabled. I’m using only GEO check (for allowed country blackhat content, for all others legit content).

    Maybe I will run campaign from this GUIDE but how to get around from fb scanners?

    Can you give any concret suggestion please? About farming accounts too.

    What I can do? First spend 20-30$ on new accounts then run blackhat campaign?

    or ? What can be solution? Please answer and help me. Thanks!

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