How to Batch Rename Adsets in Facebook Power Editor and Assign a Unique Serial # To Each

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If you are reading this, chances are you are looking to ‘automate’ or take some shortcuts to renaming adsets in a way, where you will have a constant, lets say ADSETNAME and next to it, a number which acts as a unique identifier number.

Before, I used to do this by duplicating my adsets, renaming them using the mass renamer, then editing one by one to add a unique identifier, like a series of numbers from 1 to 10.

Now, there’s a super quick way to do this,

1) Duplicate your adsets
2) Select all the ones you want to rename in bulk
3) Where it says AD SET NAME, click the link below that reads RENAME USING AVAILABLE FIELDS
4) Enter custom text box appears,  fill in something for the adset name,  for example  TSHIRTS, then press the plus arrow to move it int he middle column named “Fields in this naming structure”
5) Next, look for ADSET ID, and click the plus to add it again.
6) For the additional formatting column, separate each field with –  leave that as default.
7)  Press rename, and there you go it will look something like this ->   TSHIRTS-292839823, every adset a unique identifier.

Have fun!




Sharing is caring!

3 thoughts on “How to Batch Rename Adsets in Facebook Power Editor and Assign a Unique Serial # To Each”

  1. i read you always do 1 interest per adset, my question is do you exclude interests from each other on each adset? say you have 100 adsets undr 1 campaign, 1 interest /each, do you also exclude interests from each other at the adset level? cuz this looks like the proper way of finding real itnerests avoiding overlap and protect frequency, thoughts?

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