Been running a campaign at $250 per day for the past 2 weeks or so promoting a lead gen offer over at Media500.

Spent exactly $2955.70
And generated $4200.00 in revenue

Total profit is $1244.29, which is round 42% ROI.

Until now, we didn’t really do much just killed the shittiest 7 ads out of 10 we launched and uploaded similar ads to the 3 best performers and just let it do its thing on it’s own.

About a week ago, we decided to throw in 3 different new landers to see how we do.

But that’s it, nothing else was touched. Here are the stats

How To Optimize $2955.70 worth of data in RedTrack

As you can see, we’ve received 21257 clicks, and 1879 clicks on our LP’s to offer… so now we had enough ‘data’ to optimize..

So what did we do to optimize this campaign?

1. Looking at creatives. I looked to see where most of our leads came from and picked the top 3

How To Optimize $2955.70 worth of data in RedTrack

4092327, 4082009, 4082032 and paused the rest

  1. We looked at the placements, and learned that one spent over $157 and made 0 leads. This was a big drain. We also was able to establish a ground rule based on our data. It seemed all the good placements that brought in 80% of the leads, had an LP CTR of 8% or more.

So our rule was this,

IF Placement spent more than $2 – and LP CTR is BELOW 7% == exclude

We exported the list of placements from RedTrack, and opened it in OpenOffice CALC. Inside openofficeCALC, on the top menu, we selected DATA > FILTER > STANDARD FILTER

then we entered in the stuff like this

How To Optimize $2955.70 worth of data in RedTrack

now we had a big list of placements to blacklist…

3. Next, i checked out my 4 landers, and learned one of them did horrible and produced 0 leads, so we killed that one.

4. After that I dove in deep, and learned the CHROME BROWSER, and Android versions 7 & 8 did best – and surpisingly all FTDs’ came from WIFI and ZERO from carrier, carrier traffic cost me around $600 and barely any leads / 0 ftds.

That’s basically it, we did the optimization and already our cost per lead went down thanks to this.

So there you have it. Looking at the RedTrack data resulted in a strategy, that was implemented which helped lower the cost per lead.

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