Organization Trick: How to Create Gmail Account Specific Bookmarks

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This is going to be a quick to the point organization trick. If you have multiple gmail accounts like I do, then it could be a pain in the ass using shortcuts. Not anymore, there’s actually a URL hack that you can use to create a gmail specific shortcut.

It’s quite simple.

Start out by bookmarking your gmail inbox, then click edit. And look for this URL:

now go into the other gmail inbox, bookmark that as well, and click edit, then change where you see 0 to 1, like this:

now rename the bookmarks so they make sense.

Clicking link 1 will open the first logged in account,
Clicking link 2 will open the second logged in account.

There we have it, instead of having to click link, then click gear icon, and change to another email you already logged into, now you can just create shortcuts for each different logged in account 0,1,2,3,4 etc and in one click access the desired account.

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