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Have you’ve been thinking about promoting CPA offers other than Facebook/Google?

In this guide, you’ll get some tips on how you can cash in on native ads by promoting CPA offers. If you’re a native ad newbie, don’t worry — I’ve got you covered. For experienced affiliates, you’re going to find this guide useful and pick up a trick or two for your next campaign.

For those who are not so familiar yet,

What exactly are native ads?

In short: native ads are sponsored posts that look and feel like natural content of a certain website, i.e. they don’t really look like ads. They are often found as recommended content on a web page (at the bottom of an article) or in social media feeds, and their main goal is not to disrupt a reader’s user experience.

So, whenever you see “Sponsored Links by” or “Ads by” you will know you’re dealing with paid content.

The BEST way to promote CPA offers to cash in on native ads

When you start surfing these websites and paying attention to ads, you’ll notice that there are a lot of offers you can promote yourself, including CPA offers that we’ll be using as an example today.

Although it doesn’t matter which offer you decide to promote (you can test out more of them and go from there), it’s a good idea to pick something that you notice is popular on different websites. The great thing about CPA offers is that most of the time you don’t actually need a landing page to promote them and can simply direct link to them. Sometimes, an offer will come in the form of a video sales page and sometimes in the form of an article, with all the benefits listed and so on, but either way, you’ll be able to link directly to your offer. Of course, if you want a separate landing page, you can always do that.

Note: Make sure to pay attention to ad copy used in native ads you go through, because you can get good image and content ideas for your own ads. The more examples you browse through, the better your ads will be. You can alter the copy from the ads for the offer you choose or even grab the copy from the landing page of the product/service you want to promote.

Now that we have our offer, let’s go get some traffic for it.

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