A Free IDEA to make money — Giveaway of the day – FLIPPA & FACEBOOK

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Since I don’t like to spread myself too thin by doing too many things at once, but i have 10,000 ideas – here’s a legit one that can make you money now! Hope it comes of value!

There’s flippa.com, the site sells tons of sites 90% of which suck and were made for flipping, but now and then – some cool things show up – like this -> https://flippa.com/3065375-pr-2-site-w-27-946-uniques-mo-making-800-mo-213-000-on-fb-9-500-database

The site sells a real product, but the guy is selling it because hes not passionate — however, this site looks great, it has tons of info the demographic wants/needs and sells product they like — and it already makes profit

Now, a facebook guru with its crazy targeting can run ads to it and target by scraping the UIDs of chicks interested in PINUP related stuff, advertise this site to them, and let the site do the selling..

PS… another TIP: site doesn’t have a lead magnet, could use an optin box to give something away as well, as an improvement!!

Sharing is caring!

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