Affiliate marketing is tough. It requires creative thinking, exploration, and experimentation to grow and thrive.

There are tools that make your life as an affiliate marketer easier. The key one of those is the ad tracker. The market is saturated with different solutions making it good – competition drives innovation and keeps prices at bay. Without an ad tracker, you are running in the dark. In 2020 and beyond it’s more important than ever to use a tracker.

As you can see everywhere – I am using for my tracking and media-buying needs. I`ve switched to it two years ago and never looked back. Reason – team listens to our needs, and quickly ads new features or makes changes based on our feedback. (By Quick I mean sometimes in just a few days, which is awesome. They helped improve our work efficiency)

There has been a lot of improvements in RedTrack over the year, let me sum it up quick so you can find out what they’ve improved upon:

#1 – Universal tracking – amazing one-fits all scripts that allows you to track multiple redirects and no-redirect campaigns to one page/site with no additional changes. It is a huge resource saver. Hint – you will not see in UI as the team is not happy with the current implementation – so just ask for it. This is kick ass feature available by request that will probably show up for everyone when the new, re-designed highly efficient interface launches soon!

#2 – Automation and alerts – they were the first and remain the best when it comes to scaling and complexity of available API integrations. 20+ traffic sources mean that, for example, with “pause campaign” rules you should worry less about your campaigns going negative ROI while you sleep. Having our native ad spends show up is a god send!

#3 Reports are included for FREE on every level – I have multiple media buyers and keep on top of stuff thanks to shiny reports they send me on Skype to check up on their progress. You can have campaigns, offer, traffic source offers ource level reports. This is huge, as most other trackers charge extra to create custom reports, but not RedTrack. So if you have a team, this is a money saver.

#4 Affiliate networks – do you know that you can create a simple affiliate network right from RedTrack. Product owners – rejoice. You can now have a tool instead of two. Cake or Everflow is great, but cost you arm and leg for the fraction of features you will actually use. We are using RT Backend for our network iAM.Cash!

#5 Reporting portal – if you need to share reports with your customers – it is a timesaver. Not that I never used it, but I do like the idea. Add your customers and let them see the data in real-time. You can add your company logo to make it really pro too.

Of course, besides those five points, there were multiple updates and interface improvements – from funnel (stream) templates to report templates to GoogleAds S2S integration and the list goes on. team is open to talking and sharing- so I do know that the new UI version is coming later this year.

Given the progress, made over the last two years I can just imagine what they will have to offer in 2021. Now the best part – this August offers you 24 months of tracking for the price of 12.

If you looking for basic tracking – their basic plan has all the features you need and will cost you USD 24.5 for 1,000,000 – I just hope they will repeat this for BlackFriday.

Now, if you look for the ultimate tracking solution – with volume and automation – consider their ProPlan – at USD 1,188 one time payment you will get 24 months of tracking for the slightly less then USD 50 a month for 3,000, 000 clicks (yes, just clicks – not events). That`s a bit to invest, but goes a long way – is SaaS – so no need to worry about web hosting and managing a server. I hate self hosted trackers because I hate sys admin stuff!!

Just like with a TESLA and their free upgrades; when you use RedTrack a lot of new stuff they will add will appear for no additional cost in your account instantly. Like FB s2s postback they are planning to release in August.

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