AuthorityLabs – Your go-to rank tracking tool

AuthorityLabs – Your go-to rank tracking tool

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For some time now, I have been discussing the importance of SEO tracking and why it is important for every tech entrepreneur to pay importance to analytics. Today I would be discussing a very good web application which I managed to try recently.


AuthorityLabs is a very good rank tracking tool which gives anyone the ability to track keywords daily, create white label reports, track competitor rankings, and track other search engine statistics among others.

What I love about AuthorityLabs is that it enables you to group, sync and tag domains with ease relative to other tracking tools.


For as low as $49 a month, you would be able to get a hold of at least 250 keywords and 50 domains. This package also includes local and mobile tracking, daily updates and reports. For more advanced users, their best plan gives a hold to at least 1000+ keywords and an unlimited set of domains. That is just amazing.


Today I will be guiding you briefly for each feature available.


  1. Reporting – Whatā€™s great about AuthorityLabs is that there are three types of reporting. You can generate your report either through a shareable URL or through downloadable PDFs and Excel files. If you go to the upper right of the domain you are working on, you would be able to see an option to download a report. You can choose a report for different time frames: within 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, and quarterly. You can even add your own date and generate a report for it.
  2. If your keywords are currently on CSV, worry no more. You can easily import and export keywords through AuthorityLabs Keyword Importing and Exporting feature.
  3. You can add a maximum of 50 domains for its starter package. Just take into account that if you add a subdomain, only the subdomain will be tracked and not the main domain. So be careful about this.
  4. If you have employees working with you, AuthorityLabs gives an access level feature wherein you can limit access to any of your team members.


All in all AuthorityLabs is an amazing tool. However, it would be great if they could also include an ability to integrate Google Analytics sometime in the future.


And you know what the good news is? They have a 30-day trial. So grab this opportunity now and try this tool today.

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