Affiliates, if you feel your campaigns are doing bad, just imagine what the people who fear they are going to lose their jobs and won’t have money coming in to buy food & pay the bills think!

People are holding onto their money more than ever, more than they did in the 2008 recession.

This is having a major impact on not only ecom, but all kinds of verticals where ultimately, money has to exchange hands.

Lead generation companies are complaining that leads are not backing out. Also a lot of lead generation houses are shutting down because lack of employees, they just can’t have employees working from home doing the call center jobs.

Corona virus is REAL; it’s going to have the biggest economic fall out we’ve ever seen according to MOST financial experts. 

so as an affiliate marketer, what can you promote now? That is the ultimate question.

People need money – so opportunities to make money,  work at home jobs like filling surveys, courses (think udemy, skillshare referral programs), click bank offers teaching how ot make money skills, cc offers,    investment offers (financial lead gen with Media500)

People need food, so app installs of grocery delivery, or restaurant ordering apps [this link on offer vault has lots of food delivery offers you can promote]

People need toilet paper (just kidding)… toilet paper alternatives aka the trusty bum gun cpa offer,  other corona related cpa offers like UV sanitizer,  temperature meters,  food rationing organization,  masks,  gloves, first aid kits, survival shit, military flashlight offers, protection…..    you can find good offers on CPA networks like Verve, H8M8, M4TRIX,  hit em up tell em Attila sent you for quick approval..  

People need to kill boredome, and be entertained…    Think NETFLIX referral offer, Amazon, HBO, etc —  porn webcams,  casino/gambling (bitcoin based casino in the USA),   games,  VOD offers, … dating to chat with hotties online…  not necessarily meat due to fear of getting corona..

People need peace of mind and safety…      Insurance offers,  funeral/life…  psychology offers, astrology offers,  

Just a few ideas, I’m sure there’s way more out there. Use spy tools like adplexity (30% discount coupon here) to see what’s running in the last 48h. Check Facebook Ad spy tool magicadz (get discount here). Easiest way to know what works is to be informed! That’s why competitive intelligence tools, aka spy tools will help you with.

to find more product/services/offers to promote…  Think in terms of NEED vs WANT.

The WANT is the minority now, the NEED is the majority.

If you are unsure what to run, how to run where to run, and wish there was someone to be your ‘partner’ and hold your hand along while you test and try and give you new ideas, and help solve problems that arise, join up the iAmAffiliate forum for only $50 a month.   Start a follow along and I’ll help you personally by answering your Q’s in it!


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