This is an advanced tutorial for experienced affiliate marketers that understand all the basics of running a CPA marketing campaign already from spying and finding the right angles/ads to preparing the landing pages & ad creatives and setting up their tracker of choice.

In this guide I am going to talk and show case a strategy that works.

Why does this strategy work? Well the plain simple way to explain is because the audience we’re targeting is already looking for something similar, so the intent to invest/deposit is higher.

I am talking about targeting people by borrowing the power of brand names in the financial space.

So how do we do this?

First and foremost, we need to do a bit of research and brainstorm.

Question to ask: What kind of search terms/brands would people that want to invest in Bitcoin type into google?

Words like: buy bitcoin, bitcoin with credit card, bitcoin with paypal, buy ethereum, buy litecoin come to mind, so let’s note these down.

Another question to ask: Traditional folks (lets say the older crowd) WHERE & HOW do they invest?

They seek out financial planners, financial advisors, investment services things of that nature.

How can you find the names of these services?

You can use local directories like the Yellowpages for example, and other directory sites in the target country to find these. I will not highligh any specific names or anything because this post is about sharing strategies to get you thinking and doing things others do not do.

Now that’s not all, what about people that want to invest online? IE investment websites like etoro and others.

How about names of the local banks?

By making a comprehensive list and brainstorming about brand names, keyphrases, and terms you can then come up with a master list to capture high intent audiences that are LOOKING TO INVEST.

They will be WAY easier, probably 10x easier to ‘sell’ on your offer, then someone fresh, that’s cold and not really looking to invest.

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