, Did you know your password could’ve been stolen?

Did you know your password could’ve been stolen?

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I’ve been doing some digging using a ‘different’ angle to uncover some new ideas for some marketing campaigns.

In the process I stumbled on some security sites where they talk about online security. One of these blogs shared a very interesting theory on how Jeff Bezos dick picks got into the hands of the National Enquirer that tried to use their bargaining chip to extort him for financial gain. Well, in case you didn’t hear the story – The Amazon Founder fought back by exposing his dick pics himself in a blog post he published on Medium titled “No thank you, Mr. Pecker“; now the idiots at National Enquirer look really bad. WHAT A GUY!

This fiasco did one thing; it exposed how UNSAFE the internet is and the blog I found explains a theory that the hackers who stole the pictures might have very well used to gain their hands on it.

How many times did you use the exact same password on multiple websites, forums, services, tools, etc AND the same email? Chances are it’s pretty high right?

Most people make this mistake, me included. And this was a big ass awakening for me to abandon that lazy practice.

Want to check if you’ve been compromised and where/how/when? Check out the site called HAVE I BEEN PWNED

Jesus, my email was stolen on 10 separate data breaches and sold on the dark net! SCARY!

so did you check if you were pWNED? What was the result? How many sites have your data?

As you can see, mine is pretty brutal. I’ve been using a program called LastPass for ever and generate a different password for every single site I register on. When I started out 10 years ago, this tool wasn’t around – luckily even though they stole my data, I’m ok as I regularly get prompted to change passwords.

Anyway, back to the story. So the data security guy whose blog I was reading said that they probably didn’t hack Jeff himself, because he’s super wealthy and heavily protected. What they did instead was hack the accounts of his secret love affair. The hackers could have used a site to find all/related emails of this woman, and then look up in the stolen database archives her many emails and see if the passwords she used there would work on current services (as many people use the same password for their icloud, like they use for their favorite forum, and so on).

Very interesting to say the least; I am super glad I read this article and now advised my wife and friends (you guys included) to take care of yourself by being security smart.

Share this post and enter to win 1 on 1 consulting worth $2000!

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