, An Awesome Traffic Source I Met at AWE – Introducing EvaDav – Buy HQ Traffic or Sell Your Traffic & Earn Great eCPMs!

An Awesome Traffic Source I Met at AWE – Introducing EvaDav – Buy HQ Traffic or Sell Your Traffic & Earn Great eCPMs!

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with Eugene and Leo from EvaDav

If you read my Affiliate World Europe review, you read what offers I think are the best to run this year in 2019. Now I want to tell you about an awesome traffic source I met at AWE that is helping me scale my crypto campaigns. (Crypto is huge in 2019 and beyond!) Introducing EvaDav!

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EvaDav is a native advertising network providing a relatively new method of monetizing websites – push-notifications. Push-notifications appear as small pop-ups on the screen of the user’s device (PC, mobile, tablet etc).

If you haven’t seen a PUSH notification, it is made up of these creative elements:

Example of PUSH message on iPhone

➡️ Description
➡️ Landing Page URL
➡️ Icon and Banner Image
➡️ Call to Action Buttons

The major advantage with push-notification ads is they are beyond the crazy policies of Facebook and Google ads and you can run ads that convert without having to worry about getting your ad account banned! This is the reason why I LOVE push and run a lot of push on many sources, including now EvaDav!


As an affiliate marketer, you need to have multiple traffic sources especially when you found a winning campaign that you need to scale. We have winning crypto campaigns that we run, and we try and diversify where we buy traffic from to stand on multiple feet. This is one of the reasons why I was happy to meet this guys at AWE.

Another reason why you should try Evadav is because they offer a lot of geos and have huge volume, so even if you are starting out, they have great solutions that are affordable and high quality. I personally recommend doing tier3 geos, as there’s less competition – all you’ll need is translations (I recommend transey for that) .

Remember, affiliates are lazy, so if you are willing to do the extra step (like get your angles translated to say 5 geos, and then hit those 5 weird geos, like for examples, Azerbaijan, Qatar, South Africa, Latvia, Belarus) then you will have better luck than if you go for the tier 1 countries EVERY INTERNET MARKETER starts in!

If you are looking to make extra money on your landing pages when you run paid traffic, you can backbuttonredirect them to EvaDav’s smart link, and SELL this traffic, earning you money without having to think about what offers/landers/etc to test. What’s a back button redirect? Let’s say you run a campaign, and someone clicks the BACK BUTTON, then they are sent to a new landing page, in this case EvaDav’s link from which you get paid.

EvaDav platform connects you to a global advertising exchange from the very top advertisers.

Global Exchange of Traffic – Buy & Sell with EvaDav providing the solutions to optimize your business & maximize eCPMs using their algorithm. Get paid or deposit in BitCoin, Paypal, Wire, or one of many other payment methods.

It does not matter whether the user visits your website often or had stumbled upon it by accident, as soon as they subscribe to the push-message system on your website, they’ll remain connected to your account, earning you a constant daily income.

They sell to over 52 other push platforms (they are direct, and these other guys re-broker their stuff that’s why its awesome to buy PUSH traffic from EvaDav). If you are selling them traffic, they work on a revshare model where when someone opts in to their push network, you’ll get up to 70% of the revenue brought by the ad campaign of that user.

EvaDav also has the ability to pay based on CPA, which is awesome because you can run offers this way without having to worry about CPM/CPC prices, you can choose countries with the best CPA and they will do the rest.

These guys offer the highest eCPM rate among all advertising formats so it’s worth to try them out for your stuff. Aside crypto, i heard that dating and sweeps work super well on this source too.

That could be because they developed their own anti-fraud system to catch bots and fake users and an effective algorithm for predicting audience behavior just like Facebook, so they first serve ads to the people most likely to convert.

There’s also the postback, trafficback, button block, and personal domains for top publishers that you can hookup with your tracker like RedTrack to automatically send what placements/zones/devices/etc the conversions come in from.

They are a huge network, here’s some stats for those of ya’ll that love stats..

Traffic Volume on EvaDav from 8/14/2019

➡️350M Daily Impressions
➡️15000+ Publishers
➡️3000+ Active Advertisers
➡️100000+ Campaigns Daily

If you will sell traffic, good news, they have low payout threshold and pay weeklies via many different payment methods from Paypal to Payoneer (and all the usual stuff in between). The minimum payout threshold is just $25.

Also, this is a great advertising opportunity. These guys propose a push-notification format that provides high conversion, 100% brand-safety where advertising doesn’t depend on the site and is shown in a separate window. Their pricing is super awesome, and very competitive CPC that starts at 0.001$ and has extensive targeting options available for advertising campaigns. For example, I counted 30+ options to target your ideal customer.

They also have a ref program so You will get 5% of the income generated by your referred publishers. What makes this so valuable to you is that this referral revenue is a lifetime commission, which means you can keep growing a revenue by simply referring more people to the EvaDav’s network. Further, you can make extra bonuses for your extremely high commitment.

Get $100 Top Up Bonus When You Deposit $200 – Use Promo Code IAmAttila when signing up here.

Exclusive special to the readers of iAmAttila blog.

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