FOR YOUR EYES ONLY! Four SECRET Incentive Mobile Traffic Sources

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There are many lucrative offers for mobile out there, and some accept incent traffic.  What is incent traffic? That is when  people get paid money, a prize, or some kind of reward to do something, ie play a game,  install an app, fill out a survey or whatever.

Anyway,  most affiliates keep this on the down low because its guaranteed cash and profits (Conversion % can be as high as 80% on these),  some of these sources are for app developers only, or if you are close to the app developer 😉  (aka Exclusive offers)…


NOTE:  Most CPA Networks/offers DO NOT ACCEPT Incentive traffic.  YOU MUST Talk to your AM – If you run incent on offers you might get your account suspended and all of your generated revenue forfeited.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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3 thoughts on “FOR YOUR EYES ONLY! Four SECRET Incentive Mobile Traffic Sources”

  1. How can I get rewarded (incentive) app installs for affiliate links instead of applications links ?
    I mean, any of the above networks support affiliates not only developers ?
    Thank you in advance 🙂

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