In this guide I’m going to teach you how to prepare and warm up your brand new rented or farmed Facebook accounts to be able to run Crypto offers from Media500 on them.

Media500 has the best crypto offers out there. They have exclusive high payout offers (some of them pays $1000 per FTD) and these offers convert extremely well with Facebook traffic.

How to Prepare a Brand New Fb Account from Scratch to Run Crypto with Media500

In order to get the best converting offers for Facebook just talk to your rep at Media500 and they will give you access to the best offer pages in weird geos to stay ahead of all the other affiliates out there.

Good luck!!

Of course the tricky part is to keep your accounts alive until you make profits.

So without any further ado, let me show you how we prepare our Facebook accounts that are brand new before we run crypto offers on them.

STEP 1. When you create a new Facebook account, first make a nice fan page, and have a safe site ready (if you need safe site, talk to Banners&Landers, pm me for intro) TIP FOR SS: Add google adsense banners all over it, to make it look like you are doing content arbi when an fb rep comes to review it!

STEP 2. After you have the fan page, first fill the fan page completely, and by that I mean add graphics, fill out all the text including about us, contacts, links to privacy policy (on safe page), so on so forth, every field fill it out!! Make sure the fb button is also set to go to your safe site.

STEP 3. Schedule 10 posts, post 3 right away, leading to articles on your safe page, and schedule the 7 others to post randomly in the next 14 days.

STEP 4. Schedule 10 posts that are not linking to external sources, for example motivational quotes and MEMEs these work awesome related to the safe page.

STEP 5. On Your Facebook account, create a likes campaign for $10 in your target geo you will be running BH in. Upload 10 different images of Animals, cats, dogs, dolphins, hawks, eagles, horses, fishes, pigs, cows, whatever.

Structure it like this Page Likes Campaign > 1 adset > 10 days in it.

When it’s approved select all 10 ads, and click duplicate button, and select dupe each ad 4x. So you’ll get 40 more ads, and have total 50 in the adset.

The reason why you need to do this is to train the algo that your ads are always compliant and get approved.

STEP 6. After your likes campaign is live, and spending money, run it for one day.

STEP 7. Take one of the existing posts on Fan Page (a post that doesn’t leave facebook) and create a $20/day PPE campaign, again same target audience as your intended one for BH.

STEP 8. Once that’s approved, duplicate the ad 49x in the adset, have it get approved.

STEP 9. Not necessary but recommended – setup more PPE’s for the other memes/quotes posts from page too.

STEP 10. Run all these until your account bills 2x.

STEP 11. After you’ve billed 2x, then create a PPE for your posts that lead to your safe site.

Now, create different adset targeting that are broad and one interest, once the campaign is approved, duplicate the ad in it 49x. Dupe the adsets after.

STEP 12. Do this for another billing.

STEP 13. Now you can create a website conversion campaign. And link to your safe article on the same safe domain.

Run it with cloaker on for a day, then up the budget. Once you’ve done that, wait for the 4th billing and then you can go live with cloaker.

IMPORTANT: When you make your ad, do not put any text in the text fields that will set off Facebook algo, instead put something super generic and open that could pass for anything. You can photoshop text as long as its less than 20% onto your image, and do what the guys in ecom do with the top/bottom captions instead.