, iMobiTrax & Add Shuffle – Media Buying Must Have’s – Tracking Tools

iMobiTrax & Add Shuffle – Media Buying Must Have’s – Tracking Tools

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New to Media Buying,  and they say one of the most important part of doing it like a pro is keeping on top of your statistics.  Well the guys at ImGrind.com have a great tool called iMobiTrax for which I signed up for yesterday,  it costs around $130 per month, which might be a lot but I’m never cheap when it comes to the foundation of any biz.    It’s in the process of being installed on my server under its own domain (had to pick up a domain name for which the tracking software will be housed on, atiads.com was a sweet find – Thx to my friend Matej for that one!).

I have also been using adshuffle.com, because some other non-mobile people recommended it.  I am mainly using adshuffle to test the CTR on CPM placements on porn tube sites I own.     Been running tests for a couple of days now and its simply incredible how different reality is vs belief.     What I mean by that is – I used to think a kick ass looking banner would get the most clicks, I mean it looks great — but, in reality its opposite.   Seems (from the stats) that the uglier the banner,  the more clicks it gets! WOW!


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