, Picreel – All You Need to Know
, Picreel – All You Need to Know

Picreel – All You Need to Know

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If you have been following my blog for some time already, you can see that I am very fond of discussing site traffic strategies. Today I am going to discuss an amazing application which I believe would benefit anyone who is planning to succeed with their online business.

Picreel is composed of a team of very talented marketing experts that has been in the marketing business for more than ten years. Creating the precise marketing strategy that clients require and overcoming market obstacles has always been Picreel’s main selling point.

A lot of online entrepreneurs or site owners who’ve subscribed to Picreel proved to have had more results than the rest.

, Picreel – All You Need to Know

Why subscribe to Picreel?

In every e-commerce site, engaging site traffic is a top priority. Properly accommodated site traffic can lead to a lot of sales revenues for your business. Attracting traffic to your site requires a lot of work and resources, that’s why it is very important that you transform those traffic into sales – which is what Picreel promises to deliver.

You will easily understand that Picreel’s exit intent technology to be a strong tool in terms of online marketing. This platform has a lot of features that’s easy for anyone to comprehend, it’s user friendly and customizable. Also, your site will never slow down regardless whichever overlay you choose to use.

Picreel also provides a lot of very detailed tutorial videos that covers almost all issues you may encounter. And in case you do encounter an issue that’s not covered, Picreel’s customer support is always reliable and fast to solve whatever it is you may need help with.

How the Exit Intent Technology works:

The app collects and tracks the cursor’s movements and speed then predicts when a visitor is about to leave a page. The app then attempts to re-engage the user by prompting appropriate follow-up widgets to help with the visitor’s possible concern or assist them in completing their transaction. This may not seem like a big deal, but this has actually increased sales and prevented a lot of revenue loss for a lot of businesses.

Picreel’s Exit Intent Technology also provides a lot of marketing data by storing collected data on site visitors. And show you detailed real-time stats which can help you find more leads, traffic and more sales or revenue.

Picreel Tutorial:
1. Log-in to your pic reel account. You can start working on your templates either through the use of the Template Editor or the Upload Design interface. You can start customizing banners using html code via the Template Editor if you have some prior HTML knowledge.

, Picreel – All You Need to Know

The Upload Design interface is for anyone who has limited knowledge in html coding as it is perfect for drag-and-drop design processes. This is perfect for anyone who is just beginning to learn how to work on banner designs.

, Picreel – All You Need to Know

2. You can opt to choose templates while working on your banners. Make sure the colors you choose match the colors in your website. Also take into consideration the layout as too much clutter may be bad for your users.

, Picreel – All You Need to Know

3. Customize the New Data Source Details and label the required information accordingly.

, Picreel – All You Need to Know

4. Click Save. Your banner is now ready.

Congratulations! You are now ready with your banners. Paste the snippets on your blog / website. If you are using WordPress, a plug-in is also available to make your Picreel experience easier.

Share this post and enter to win 1 on 1 consulting worth $2000!

, Picreel – All You Need to Know

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  1. Hi. I’m stuck at linking an email to the button on the template. What I mean is when the visitor clicks the button after entering his information he should be added to email list.

    I want to know how to add that email ID where these emails of signed up users will go.


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