Rankwatch, A Great SEO Management tool

Rankwatch, A Great SEO Management tool

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If you are happy with FREE trials, you may want to try RankWatch now. Basically, it is a simple and effective SEO Management tool which gives you a very intuitive way to track your search engine ranking as well as your competitors.


Possibly a unique feature of RankWatch is its ability to be integrated with Google Analytics. Likewise, it also takes into consideration your site’s and your competitor’s IP when comparing keywords. This means that if you are in New Zealand, for example, the information you shall be receiving would be based on this location. This comes really handy particularly if you have a localized business. The problem with other SEO tracking tools is that some of the information they give you may not exactly be relevant to your localization.

Basically to enjoy RankWatch’s features, all you need to do is sign-up to their FREE trial promo. And since everything can be readily seen once you log-in to your dashboard, I will no longer detail how exactly you would be able to use each tab.



In this guide, I will instead let you know the amazing features you may want to try. There is afterall a 14-day free trial for you to enjoy.


  1. Fast Tracking – Some SEO tools give you data within 24-48 hours. With RankWatch, you need not worry about this as instant tracking is available anytime of the day.
  2. If you are a busy type of entrepreneur, email alerts can be easily configured so you only need to check your email everytime a report is available.
  3. There is a specialized tab for backlink tracking. This special feature would let you see your strongest page as well as your deep link ratio.
  4. Keyword suggestions are elegantly displayed to let you know which keywords perform well compared to others you may be spending your efforts on.
  5. And of course, the competitor research tab which gives you a head start about your competitor’s organic and paid reach.




Try RankWatch now and see for yourself. You might be amazed with how much time and effort you would be able to save by subscribing to their service. For as low as $29 a month, you would be able to enjoy features such as daily rank refresh, localized tracking, automated alerts, white label reporting and competitor analysis.

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