Sendible – Powerful Social Media Management Software

Sendible – Powerful Social Media Management Software

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Every tech entrepreneur has a set of social media accounts they need in order to have a great online presence. Today, I would be providing an overview of the one of the most interesting social media management web applications I have come across online. Sendible is a proud application with a “dashboard that works for every network” tag-line.


Basically, it has the ability to manage a wide range of social media accounts which include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and Youtube. There is even a special feature to publish blog posts in WordPress and Tumblr.

The good thing about Sendible is that it comes with a 30-day FREE Trial. You may want to take advantage of this now. After your free trial expires, you would have the opportunity to continue the service for as low as $59 per month. Under the most basic plan, you would have the ability to do flexible profile grouping, use automation tools, integrate google analytics, and create branded reports.




Here are just some of the amazing features Sendible has to offer:


  1. It enables scheduling of posts to every social media account you have, granted that they are supported by the application.
  2. For their facebook feature, you would have the ability not only to schedule status posts in advanced, but also the ability to schedule Facebook photo albums, group messages and even personal messages.
  3. Even with its very powerful features, the interface is quite simple and classy.
  4. For their Twitter feature, you would have the opportunity to auto-follow people based on relevant features. I have not seen this feature anywhere else yet.


The only thing missing in my opinion is Geo-targeting. I like the idea of being able to localized my settings based on locations but this is perfectly fine. There is also no competition analysis. However, the fact that there is a link-shortening feature is really great in my opinion. Not every social management application has this.

All in all, I would recommend Sendible especially because of their 30-day trial, which at least you may not want to miss.

So go ahead and try it today.

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