Shutterstock – High Quality Image Resource

Shutterstock – High Quality Image Resource

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Sometimes the simplest of all problems are actually the hardest to solve. As an affiliate marketer and a blogger, I make it  a point that I have all the resources needed when creating online materials. Among the tools needed when creating great online content are image resources.

Shutterstock has the biggest stock of photos you can find online. Their high resolution photos is really good if you need it for large scale layouts and/or designs. Shutterstock offers you 10m+ royalty-free photos and a collection of stock footage. Also, they continue to grow their stock images and footages by hundreds of thousands every week. It’s really reliable source of stock media, so I can say subscribing is really worth the money.


Thier photos can only be availed through image packages and subscription. Purchasing images individually will cost you, but the subscription plans are really cheap. If you have a need for a number of photos on a regular basis, Shutterstock might be a good photo resource for you.

They offer videos, images, illustrations and vectors in extreme high resolution quality. The starting subscription plan is $249/mth which has a 750 image limit. There is also a $199/mth for a year, if you need a continuous source of images.

You can also purchase images individually for $49 for 5 images and $229 for 25 images. Obviously don’t go for the $229 offer, just subscribe for a month.


In conclusion, subscribing to Shutterstock is a good idea if you need a lot of images, not so good if you only need a few.

Some good perks of using Shutterstock include:

  1. Unlimited re-download of images you have previously downloaded (within the same size of course)
  2. Ability to download smaller image sizes if your budget does not permit larger resolutions and smaller images can accommodate your needs
  3. For premier accounts, lightbox creation services and image research are made available
  4. Other than images you can also purchase videos and re-download the same purchased products forever


Improve your blogs, websites and articles today by giving Shutterstock a try!

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