, Social Oomph – Pro Social Media Manager

Social Oomph – Pro Social Media Manager

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Ever wondered if there is any social media management tool exclusive for managing your twitter account? Well there is this new application I have recently discovered out of curiosity. Social Oomph is a social media manager which originally started out as Twitter organizer, but recently they have also branched out to other social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. However, I still found the tool most reliable in managing twitter exclusively.

, Social Oomph – Pro Social Media Manager

To name a few, here are the general features you may be interested in:

  • uploading of tweets in bulk
  • scheduling and RSS feed import
  • spam filters
  • search tools for finding out which account to follow
  • keyword and url-click tracking

While there are many applications which can give you automated posting among other things, what makes Social Oomph special is its ability to provide you statistics and analytics. If you are using your twitter account for your online business, this would be a very helpful tool in analyzing whether or not your social media efforts in twitter pay off with clicks.

A daily digest of email is also sent to you automatically each day, saving time and effort particularly if you are a busy entrepreneur.

And the best thing about this application is that it gives you the option to add an unlimited amount of twitter accounts. So if your business is into social media branding, this application is defiitely for you.

You can start enjoying Social Oomph in three very easy ways:

  1. Sign-up to their service by following the sign-up wizard. You can create a free account here as well as upgrade later when you need it.
  2. You will be taken to your dashboard (which is very easy to use and understand).
  3. Finally you can start scheduling and uploading tweets in bulk. It’s so easy!

, Social Oomph – Pro Social Media Manager

If you have been following my blog for some time now, you will know that I am very fond of anything that saves time and effort. Being a very busy person myself, I am now tempted into using Social Oomph primarily for everything else that I do on twitter.

There is nothing else better than being able to schedule and track at the same time. For me, Social Oomph already has everything in a very compact way. Try it for your self.

Share this post and enter to win 1 on 1 consulting worth $2000!

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