Techsmith Product: Camtasia – Powerful Screen Recording Software

Techsmith Product: Camtasia – Powerful Screen Recording Software

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Today I shall be discussing one of Techsmith’s products which may be valuable to an online marketer and website owner alike. Lately, I have been taking some time looking for the best available screen recording software and found this product which you can try for FREE for 30 days.

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While Techsmith is also home to the more basic ScreenCast software, Camtasia is actually a more packed with features any ordinary screen-recording application may be lacking. To name a few, you maybe interested in trying out the following features:

  1. Screen recording from your Mobile Application. Camtasia doesn’t only support recording from your computer – it also enables you to record screen activity from your iOS and Android devices. This is a great feature if you are going to review your mobile products such as games and other applications.
  2. Green Screen effect. If you think it is hard to edit special “green screen” effects, this is actually good news for you. When I tried the green screen effect, I was able to easily place any random object near an “action-packed” setting.
  3. Powerful Visual and Audio effects. Aside from the Green Screen effect, you might also want to use their other powerful effects such as animations, addition of captions and special audio effects.

As in any Techsmith recording products, Camtasia has an easy-share feature wherein you can upload your videos directly to youtube, facebook and other social media sites directly from the application.

What I specifically like about Camtasia is that you can edit the dimensions and the recording inputs (which means you need not record your micrphone all the time). Likewise, unlike any other video-editing software, you can actually export the video to a wide variety of formats such as MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AVI and Adobe Flash.

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I recommend Camtasia if you want something more powerful than Screencast but less bulky than other Screen recording applications available online. It has the perfect blend of features without straining your computer.

Try your FREE trial today and see for your self.

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