, Techsmith’s Product: Screencast, a Free Screen Recording Tool

Techsmith’s Product: Screencast, a Free Screen Recording Tool

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Today I shall be discussing one of Techsmith’s most basic products which you may find interesting, particularly if you are into quick and engaging content for your site’s users. ScreenCast is actually something you can get for FREE, although a paid version (for better and extended features) is also available.

, Techsmith’s Product: Screencast, a Free Screen Recording Tool

Basically, as the name implies, Screencast is a quick way for you to record your screen and share it on a wide variety of platforms. While it is not as powerful as Camtasia, another Techsmith product, Screencast is something which can help you on a frequent basis particularly if you are dealing with a lot of visuals for your audience. You can use it as a way to teach your audience something or even as a tool to communicate to your employees and clients.

Here are just some of Screencasts’ practical features which you may want to check:

  1. Quickly make screen recordings for youtube and facebook.
  2. Ability to connect with a more powerful editing software such as Camtasia (if you decide to edit your screencast later on for additional effects).
  3. 2GB worth of storage (upgradable to up to 200 GB if you opt for the paid version).


, Techsmith’s Product: Screencast, a Free Screen Recording Tool

What I specifically like about Screencast is that most of the time, I don’t really need a very complicated screen recording software. While visual and audio effects are nice, if you are a very busy online marketer, you may want to skip additional features and go straight to the point with a bare recording.

As Screencast is very basic to use, all you have to do is install the software and record your screen accordingly. While it is not as comprehensive as you might expect, the fact that you can have it for FREE forever is possibly a good reason for you to try it.

It doesn’t take too much of your computer’s memory as well. I definitely recommend this application for practical screen sharing purposes.

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