, Techsmith’s Product: What is Snagit?

Techsmith’s Product: What is Snagit?

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Techsmith is home to a lot of interesting screen recording products such Camtasia and Screencast. While Camtasia is packed with a lot of features such as video and audio effects, Screencast is more of a basic screen recording application you can use for a wide variety of purposes.


, Techsmith’s Product: What is Snagit?

Today, I shall be discussing what goes in between these two products, in terms of features. Snagit is not just an ordinary screen recording application – it also enables you to capture any image in your screen and upload it online easily.

The thing I like about Snagit is the fact that it supports image, video and mobile capture – very practical indeed. You can actually try it for FREE for 15 days and afterwards be charged for as low as $49.95 USD.

Aside from this, you actually have the option to to add annotations and arrows. Sometimes, this is all you need to communicate with your audience effectively, particularly if you are making tutorials as content for your website.

Here are just some of the tools you may want to try using as soon as you sign-up for a Snagit account:

  1. Video Trimming. When you’re recording your screen with your audio on, you may want to remove unnecessary filler sounds which might get in the way.
  2. Step Tool. This is a very practical aid particularly if you are working on tutorials. You can easily mark your videos with Steps 1, 2, 3 and so on.
  3. Stamps and other visual special effects. Sometimes all you need is a basic border effect, and Snagit is perfect for that. While Camtasia can give you a lot of video editing capabilities, fancy things such shadows and borders need not be very bulky.

, Techsmith’s Product: What is Snagit?

While you may take Snagit as a less powerful tool, I can say that it is still packed with the most important features. For example, it supports multiple formats, not only in terms of videos but also in terms of images. You can even export an image in the form of a PDF. And as in any Techsmith product, it can also be easily shared with Youtube and Facebook. A library of your past work is also available as a built-in service, so you need not waste time looking for work you did in the past.

Try Snagit today and see for your self!

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