, Telestream – Home to some of the best screen recording software

Telestream – Home to some of the best screen recording software

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Unlike the other products I have reviewed so far, Telestream is actually more of a general showcase of screen recording products which may be valuable and interesting to most marketers who would like to add lively content to their blogs and websites.

Telestream is actually home for a wide variety of screen-recording products whose features you may or may not need. This is the reason why some products are more compact than the others. Depending on the types of videos you want to produce, your choice maybe limited to one. You might also opt to try the rest of the videos.

, Telestream – Home to some of the best screen recording software

Today I am going to give my impressions for Telestream’s most helpful products.

  1. Screenflow: What I specifically like about this product is that it is a direct-to-the-point screen recording application wherein you could record what is exactly on your screen, edit it and instantly share it to social media sites such as youtube. You can also opt to record everything first and edit it later. If you only want the basics of the most basic screen recording type, this application is for you. You can download it for a limited FREE trial and continue using it for $99 once your trial expires.
  1. Wirecast: As the name probably implies, is a live streaming software. If you are an expert in your field, you may have an audience who might be interested with viewing your work real-time (most likely if you are teaching them on a webinar. Wirecast is a bit expensive at $495 but as in any other Telestream product, you can try it for free as well. What I specifically like about Wirecast is that it is compatible with a lot of video recording devices, which means you are not limited to your webcam and screen alone.
  1. Episode Multiformat Video Recording Software: The most expensive among the pack (starting at $594), I can say that this may be Telestream’s flagship product. Mostly you would only need this if you are working on multiple videos where crystal-clear encoding and editing is needed. As it may be expensive, I only recommend this if you really need a multi-format feature for your videos. Otherwise, you may want to stick to the basics.

I might be prompted to make specific reviews for each product sometime later. But for now, you may want to try each for FREE by visiting Telestream’s website: http://www.telestream.net

All you have to do is sign-up for a FREE trial and follow their sign-up wizard. The products may be difficult to download but it is all worth it.

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