, The Most Common Media Buying Myths
, The Most Common Media Buying Myths

The Most Common Media Buying Myths

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I’m a total newb to media buying, but in my research I come across many myths and misconceptions, I too had before getting more into it. Here are some I came across that are just not how you might hear through the grape wine!

#1 – Only affiliate webmasters can become media buyers – NOT TRUE

You don’t have to be an affiliate promoting someone elses product or service to get in on the media buying frenzy. You can be the owner of a store, or any business for that matter. In short, media buying is about getting traffic – where you buy this traffic to is obviously up to you, inline with your personal goals of course.

#2 – Media Buying is full with pros, so it’s impossible to succeed. – WRONG

While its true that media buying industry is full of professionals with massive revolving ad budgets to buy display advertising in 100K+ per month blocks, there are MANY opportunities online available for any small business owner or affiliate.

Unlike google where everyone gets traffic from one place, here you have total freedom. No more google is god, and the dictator that decides who gets traffic and who doesn’t. If you find a site that you like, and believe they have your demographic that you’d like visiting your page – you can make an offer and buy ads on that site 99% of the time! Since many site owners are total newbs, and don’t know a thing about Internet Marketing, in more times than not you can get top shelf traffic to your website or landing page at a fraction of any other advertising method!

#3 – Buying Pay Per Click Advertising is much easier than Media Buying – PLAUSIBLE

While it may be easier to buy PPC ads, the downside to them is that they have too much guidelines to adhere to. While Media Buying has different cons, in the world of display advertising where you call the shots you have much more freedom to work with, couple that with your own ad server, proper tracking and you minimize your chances of a failure, and maximize your ROI.

#4 – When you buy display advertising, you set it up once and forget all about it – WRONG

Maybe True if you have endless cash to blow, otherwise it’s a definite HELL NO. What sets a pro media buyer apart from a newb who doesn’t know what they are doing is stats, stats, stats.

A Pro maintains and checks his campaigns regularly, tweaking where possible to increase CTR to maximize the ROI of the ad budget; whereas the newb – well it goes without saying…

#5 – You need thousands of dollars to get started in Media Buying – WRONG

I know one guy who is a huge media buyer in the dating world, he works with a revolving ad budget of 100-150K per month, and lives a very successful and luxurious life. The fact that he works with a big budget like that has turned me off for years to look into media buying as a profession. But, thanks to google I am putting my fears to the side and with more know how on my side – I know media buying doesn’t need huge marketing budgets – media buying is scalable.

You can start with $1000 instead of 10,000$ and run a bunch of split tests for different banner ads, and campaigns and then keep the one that does good and tweak it from there. Tweak, test, tweak until you get to a nice ROI and then scale it up by adding more products/services to push.

When it comes to media buying, the easy things is to go to an ad network and buy ads through them, they take a commission but there’s a ton at your disposal. Make sure whatever you do that the ad networks support pixel tracking, that is vital in successful campaign tracking and statistics keeping.

Alternatively, one lucrative area where you can score great deals (low CPM) is going direct to blog owners, website owners and telling them you want to buy ad space on their site. You’d be shocked how many times these guys haven’t got a damn clue about what CPM is, or what online adveritising is – so more often than not you can get some VERY CHEAP BARGAINS here for premium traffic!

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