Crypto has exploded in all aspects during 2022. The world changed a lot during the pandemic and more and more people have started working online or made strides to open their businesses. Some of those people decided to invest their money into cryptocurrencies as a way to support the digital future. This all culminated in the cryptocurrency boom that happened. Almost all of the crypto coins have reached record highs during the past few months and early investors into the industry made millions if not even billions. 

All of this reflected on the position of crypto in the industry and led to the rise of Crypto verticals on every affiliate network and platform on the web. Affiliates that want to run crypto offers are faced with a huge choice, but deciding what to run to earn the most profits can still be as hard as ever!

Picking the right offers and maximizing your profits from them can be difficult but luckily, this guide will teach you everything you need to get started!

How To Choose The Right Crypto Offer?

Picking the right offer can be the difference between profitability and a failed campaign, so knowing what exactly to pick and why is one of the most important things in affiliate marketing.
First of all you need to pick the affiliate network you want to work with. When it comes to Crypto and financial lead generation offers, Media500 is the best CPA network you can choose.

The Only Crypto Vertical Guide You Need in 2022!

At Media500 they really have exclusive offers, many created in house no other financial lead gen CPA network has. They are going to give you ad accounts, fund the ad spend, and stay up with you late at night to make sure you hit that new peak while scaling.

Also they don’t only pay weekly, they will pay you twice a day if you mean business.

If you choose Media500, all you have to do to find the best offers for your traffic is talking with them. Ask your affiliate manager at Media500 what is the most converting offer for your traffic type and/or GEO and they will be happy to assist you.

What Countries Are The Most Popular For Crypto?

Crypto is spreading all over the world but as with anything, there are differences between regions and GEOs. Finding the best ones on your own can be a long and expensive task, but luckily we have all the basics covered!

  • Tier 1 Countries

The best countries to run crypto in are the following ones:

North America: United States, Canada
Europe: United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Netherlands

Australia and Oceania: Australia

  • Tier 2 Countries

Europe: Sweden, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Greece, Austria

Asia: Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia

Africa: South Africa

  • Tier 3 Countries

South America: Brazil, Chile, Mexico

Asia: Thailand, Kazakhstan, India

What Are The Best Ad Formats To Maximize Crypto Offers Profits?

There is no single rule that will help you with any case. Every offer has its own rules and best practices so you will need to do some testing and optimization on your own. But some things can help you have more success! Networks like Media500 offer a lot of different formats to run, so find the ones that best fit you and start running your campaigns!

Beginner Affiliates

If you are just starting, you probably don’t have much experience with these crypto verticals and you should search for formats that are easier to run. Probably the best thing for newcomers is to run pop ads. They are easy to run and optimize, and you don’t need to have complicated creatives. 

They are also cheap which is important for cash-strapped beginners and there is a lot of material online to help you optimize your workflow and make more profitable campaigns. 

Experienced Affiliates 

For those a bit more experienced there are a lot of options that can all be quite lucrative. 

One of the most popular things to run is domain redirect ads. They are affordable and convert well without you having to do too much work. They are also pretty great for testing and scaling so they are a great choice all around. But if you want to make the big bucks you will have to look elsewhere!

Push traffic is probably the best, but they require a lot of work and dedication to make them work properly. They are more expensive than the previously mentioned formats but they have higher returns and conversion rates if done properly. They need to have custom creatives to promote them successfully, but this shouldn’t be an issue for experienced affiliates. Heck, you can even ask managers from networks like Media500 to help you out with things and make your campaigns that much better. 

Mobile Or Desktop?

Most affiliates also wonder what converts better, mobile or desktop. The answer is, it depends. If you run pop or domain redirects you will likely have more success on desktop as the audience there is bigger, while push ads dominate mobile devices (unless they are iPhones). 

Platform data from Media500 shows that mobile is slowly growing and taking over most desktop ad formats, but this is all dependent on your specific offers and verticals so do some testing yourself before committing to only one. 

How To Properly Target Your Crypto Campaigns

If you know anything about affiliate marketing and running campaigns, then you know just how important targeting is. Good targeting can turn your campaigns into money printing machines while bad targeting can push your campaigns into financial disaster. No one rule fits them all in crypto targeting, each of your campaigns is an individual thing, but there are rules that you can apply to each one of them to make them run smoother. 

Budgeting and Bidding

When determining your budget, take into account that you will need some funds for testing, optimizing, and scaling. Your budgeting will depend on the offer you are running. If you are experienced you can calculate your optimal budgeting, but if you don’t want to hassle with it, just ask your Media 500 representative and they will give you the optimal rates. 

Devices And OS Targeting

What does your offer perform best at, desktop, mobile, windows, android? Without a lot of testing, there is no real way to know. Start broad and slowly cut out the bad performing devices and OS’es. You should have the optimal targeting in no time!


The general rules with geographical targeting for crypto verticals are a few scrolls up ( the “What Countries Are The Most Popular For Crypto?” section). But this is a general ruleset and the optimal targeting will vary a bit depending on the offer in question. Luckily, with Media500 you can ask the representative to give you info on how the offer performs in different GEOs and what the best ones are, making your job that much easier. 


To make sure everything runs smoothly you will have to do a bit of filtering. You need to separate things like adult campaigns and mainstream ones and only run things for the audiences they are meant for. 

This filtering can spread to a bunch of things that expert affiliates all like to adjust. But for beginners leaving things at default is probably the best choice. Things like frequency filtering and dayparting can be useful to increase the profitability of your campaigns, but if you don’t know what you are doing you risk messing up your campaigns!


As with any campaign, optimizations are the biggest part of making sure that things work as promised. Rule-based optimizations can be an incredible way to make sure that your campaigns run as efficiently as they can. 

The only problem is that you can mess a lot of things up if you don’t know what you are doing, so make sure that your optimizations are appropriate! 

Tips On Optimizing Your Crypto Campaigns

Optimizations turn good campaigns into great ones and are the thing that sets beginners from experts. Proper optimization is very hard and is a bit different for every campaign and offer. As with anything, there are a few things that everyone can do to make sure their campaigns run as well as they can!

  • Start with broad campaigns

As you learn how your campaigns are performing, slowly narrow targeting down and hone in on the profitable things.

  • Use Whitelists and Blacklists

 They can make a real difference in the performance of your campaigns. But use them only if you know how they work as a few mistakes can make a negative impact on your performance. Blacklist sources that spend a lot without results and optimize your campaigns to be more profitable! You can even ask your representative on networks like Media 500 for a list of white/blacklists, making the process much more streamlined!

  • Separate GEOs

If You plan on launching on multiple GEOs, make sure you launch them as separate campaigns so you have more granular control over them. Some networks won’t even allow you to run multiple GEOs under one campaign!

  • Scale Slowly

When things start going well, most people tend to rush their scaling. Sometimes this works but most of the time it ends up not that great. This is why you should slowly scale your campaigns and optimize them so that they are as cost-effective as possible!

  • Test Out Different Bids

Hitting the perfect bidding is difficult, so try and play a bit with the values. Adjust bids according to sources and outbid your competition for the least money you can!

  • Optimize for Devices, Browsers, and OS’s

This is the standard optimization that every campaign should follow. Start broad and slowly remove certain things that perform poorly and leave only the best-performing things running. 

  • Optimize Your Landing Pages and Creatives

Make sure that your LPs and creatives are as optimized as they can. Make them load fast, be well designed, and high converting for the best results!


Crypto is growing incredibly and affiliates are still playing catch up. Utilize the best networks, offers, and verticals to create profitable campaigns and use the hype around crypto to earn some serious money. Running the right offers can make or break your campaigns, but all of this comes with a bit of experience. 

For those that lack the experience, networks like Media500 can be the helping hand that they need. These networks not only have a lot of incredible offers and verticals readily available, but they also have a dedicated team of representatives that can help you with all aspects of your campaign. 

Always do your research with any offer you want to run, but if you don’t understand something or aren’t comfortable with it, ask your network for help. They will be more than happy to help you as it’s in their best interest for you to succeed as well. 

Keep in mind that crypto is very volatile, and one day it can be incredibly profitable, while at others it can fall off drastically. The crypto advertising industry is not as volatile as the coins themselves, but it is still something you need to pay attention to. A big crash can impact your campaigns as well. 

If you want to run successful campaigns in Crypto verticals, check this post!