ONE Amazing Angle Trick I learned from THE PROFIT TV Show

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Ive been reading the posts of a few people on STM and noticed something that reminded me of what I saw in THE PROFIT TV Show in the Brooklyn Burger episode.

So I thought I’d share…

For those of you that saw this episode might remember when the owner of Brooklyn Burger asks Marcus – “..but are you sure we can write that on the box?”

And then Marcus responds with a counter question – “Is there an authority who says we can’t?”

I am referring to when he tells them to redesign the packaging and write the slogan – #1 Burger in Brooklyn! on the box.

Let’s explore what happened there.

The owner of the business (an honest guy) was worried that he can’t write that as there’s no proof. He’s can’t just be making something up! There’s no institution in the USA that says which burger is the best. So he can’t say that… but then Marcus countered him, and asked “Who says we can’t”

As you see, what’s happening here is classic human ignorance, and laziness.

Marcus knows most will NEVER investigate whether the claims are true or not, they will just read it and be like FUCK this is the best burger I gotta buy it! (It’s written on the box must be true!)

AWESOME copywriters know you can get away with BIG STATEMENTS that in reality have no true backing.

What do I mean? well, lets take one of the most common “#1 best seller on new york times” – lets look further, how can someone be #1 best seller, and when you look on amazon there are thousands of #1 best sellers? If you are number one, then you are number one, there can’t be thousands of number ones!

Also, there’s many claiming stuff like the #1 __insert_niche___ product in the world (really, based on what?… who said that? the little fan boy .. or some doctors in the FDA after years of study and evaluating stuff)

Then there’s stuff like the TOP Programmer in the world that was praised by insert-programming-legend-here’s name, and even hired by the Sultan of Brunei.

Bottom line, a lot of the shit you read isn’t true – but most people never, ever question it – they just take it as AHA, wow!! If its written it must be true.

Mainstream media knows this, GREAT Copywriters know this too and guess What? NO YOU KNOW AS WELL

So RUN, Take ADVANTAGE of this, write some BOLD headlines and make MORE MONEY!!

PS: Obviously I am not saying that you should make claims which are blatant lies; but simply take advantage of the opportunity to bend the truth in your favor like they did at Brooklyn Burger!

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