, What to Pack for Affiliate Summit East in your Carry On!

What to Pack for Affiliate Summit East in your Carry On!

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Affiliate Summit New York City is just around the corner. This is the biggest affiliate meetup in the world bringing out the big names in the business like John Chow, Charles Ngo (he won’t be at this ASE2015 unfortunately), Jeremy ShoeMaker, Zac Johnson and many more.

But anyway, I travel a lot and if you are not experienced or prepared it can be hella stressful. Take me for example, have to wake up at 1AM to drive to and & catch a plane in Belgrade at 6:40AM, then fly to Paris, France, wait 5 hours there and then catch another plane to New York.

If we add that up that’s going to be over 20 hours of travel time.

No Problem! Over the years I’ve learned if you anticipate the worst, and prepare well in advance things like this are no problem.

Preparing well includes a plan on what to pack in your carry on, and what I will share with you today is a story of what I like to take with me for a trip like #ASE2015!

I’m flying business class always. When you fly this much, it’s super important to pack well so you can have all your gadgets and business stuff handy at any time. Since I’m not a fan of shoulder bags, so I use a backpack made for the traveling business man.

My backpack, the Samsonite Luggage Xenon 2 is kick ass. It attaches to my check in luggage easily and it has a separate section for my MacBookPro 15″ Retina and also separates pockets for my phone Galaxy Note4, all the necessary chargers/cables and all other stuff that’s needed like documents.

Find out more about this kick ass backpack HERE.


MacBookPro Retina 15″

For the longest time I was a PC user, and had a ton of laptops. But then all of my super affiliate friends kept telling me I should go Mac, because then I’ll never go back. So yea, I gave it a try and they were right. The battery lasts WAYY longer than every single PC laptop I ever had, the touch is top quality premium metal, and what I like the most about it – is you just get more shit done. When you lift the lid, it is ready to use right away – no waiting for Windows to kick itself in the ass and wake up, not even a second.

iPad Air 2 128GB

Why a laptop and an iPad? Because iPads are just soo much fun. Ok I’m kidding. The real reason is I love to use the iPad to check emails and youtube. Since there’s going to be WIFI in the plane, this is the best way for me to stay on top of all that plus check my calendar.

This is my 3rd iPad,  my previous one was the one I won for the Best Case study “The Ultimate Spying Guide for Mobile” at this years STM Awards in London.  You can Read about that here if you’d like.

Kindle Paperwhite 6″

Yea you might be thinking, why a Kindle when you got an iPad? Truth be told, for some reason I like reading in black and white more, plus the kindle is smaller and easier to hold for a long time. What’s on my reading list for this trip? >>Find out right here!

One of my favorite things that you’ll also love about the Kindle ebook reader is that the battery seems to last FOREVER. Another feature is that it connects direct to the Amazon book store, so if you hear about a good book you can buy it right there and its on your Kindle in a heartbeat.

Grab a kindle here, they’re cheap like $100 bucks ish.

Cables, cables, and more cables.

Introducing the Gempion Premium High Quality 4 in 1 Super Cable!

Before I bought this little sucker, I used to carry a cable for every single device. NOT ANYMORE! Now all cables come in one thanks to this cheap solution that’s only $10 bones. What kicks ass about this is it lets you charge multiple things all at once!

Get it here if you want to pack less.

Chargers & Chargers

Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to carry around chargers with us? I have to take my laptop charger, and use the same USB charger for my Note4 and iPad and Kindle.

Cologne and Deodorant

This is a life safer for some reason 99% of the flying population forget about. I’m sure you can relate, you are very close to your destination and no matter where you go everyone’s worn out, and stinky as hell. That’s right, no one told them to pack properly!

Change of Underwear, Socks

Sitting on your @$$ for so long can be gross, and I am paranoid of being dirty and gross so just before they turn on the fasten seatbelt sign before we land, I like to change into a fresh pair of boxers and new socks. There my secrets out, but this makes the trip SO MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE. And I know I’m not the stinker when everyone’s rolling their eyes!

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    • I take personal hygiene very seriously, so it might be okay for you to stink after a long journey, but for me its definitely not.

      Besides, they now have showers for many first class passengers on some planes, if changing your underwear to stay clean is weird to you, then what you gotta say about that? 😀

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